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Scalp MicroPigmentation For Women - What Is It And How Does It Work?

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Scalp MicroPigmentation For Women - What Is It And How Does It Work?

Men do not happen to be the only ones who suffer from the problem of hair fall and baldness. Women can also go on to lose their hair as a result of different events all through their lives. The causes could range from stress, surgery to childbirth and alopecia, which might lead towards women losing their hair.

The Procedure of Scalp MicroPigmentation for women has become a genuinely fast-growing service that is offered by some dermatology clinics. The manner in which women usually lose their hair differ from the way men lose theirs and thus this difference in a quite significant manner, can change the available options.

Before going ahead with the treatment methods, let us first take a look at the key difference between the loss of hairs for men and women:

The Main Difference

When Scalp MicroPigmentation is received by a man, the main purpose is to reproduce each and every hair follicle that has been shaven individually. On the other hand, when a woman receives the same treatment, the primary intention is to bring forth reduction in the contrast between the hair and the scalp that is bare.

This difference is important to be considered as the whole approach of the approach taken by the technicians is changed.

When a man suffers hair loss, usually he goes bald by following a set pattern that also includes his hairline at the front getting receded, which leads to thinning of the crown. Whereas, during a woman’s loss of hair, she tends to go through diffuse thinning.

So, due to this, where on one hand, a man has the gradual onset of total baldness, on the other hand, a woman loses her hair in an even manner across her entire scalp, hence, having less probability of going completely bald.

As the frontal hairline stays intact for women, so it enables the dermatologists to use micropigmentation in an extremely effective manner.

How Does the Process of Scalp MicroPigmentation Work for Women?

  • The technician or dermatologist would work through the scalp by getting the hair parted section by section on a repeated basis
  • They do so by the application of pigment to the scalp in a usual manner
  • The detailed manner is not important just like the matters related to blending
  • It is important for the technician to ensure that the pigment, which he or she is using, do not change its colour
  • The result is an effectively shaded scalp.

Can Every Woman Undergo Scalp MicroPigmentation?

Not each and every woman can receive this treatment of Scalp MicroPigmentation. Ideally the procedure tends to work much better on brunettes and those having darker redheads.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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