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Scalp Micro Pigmentation - Know Its Merits And Demerits!

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Scalp Micro Pigmentation - Know Its Merits And Demerits!

For long, people have had a tough time dealing with hair fall and baldness. In some people, especially men, the baldness may appear in patches, affecting their overall appearance, with people looking way older than their age. Scalp Micro Pigmentation has been a revelation in the truest sense, taking the market by storm. It is a natural and non-surgical procedure to deal with hair fall and the associated problems.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation can be used to treat a host of hair problems including

  • Alopecia (hair loss which is genetically triggered), crown balding, partial or complete baldness in men, as well as diffused hair loss.
  • Women, too, can benefit from the Scalp Micro Pigmentation.
  • Scars (in the scalp), resulting from an injury or an accident can be successfully camouflaged using SMP.
  • Also termed as the Medical Hairline Tattoo, Scalp MicroPigmentation is much more than any ordinary hair tattoo. It is a scientifically approved procedure which uses natural and hypoallergenic (thereby eliminating the chances of any allergic reactions) pigments.

Unlike Hair transplant, Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP), does not help in hair regrowth. However, the bald patches (partial or complete) can be perfectly camouflaged using SMP. In SMP, natural pigments are applied to the scalp (the 2nd dermal layer). These pigments give the impression of natural hair follicles. In the case of complete baldness, your scalp will appear to be clean shaved (due to the pigments that mimic the natural hair follicles).

It takes 3 sessions (each lasting for 3-4 hours) for a complete Scalp MicroPigmentation, performed by highly skilled and experienced practitioners. For better results, the practitioner maintains at least a week's gap between the sessions.The procedure usually needs a touch-up every 2-3 years.

Merits and Demerits of Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP)

  • Scalp MicroPigmentation comes as a blessing for people who have made desperate and all possible attempts to deal with the hair loss and the associated stigma that comes with it.
  • Being a non-surgical procedure, SMP involves no incision (unlike hair transplantation).
  • SMP is not very expensive and leaves only a small pinch in the pocket.
  • The use of natural and hypoallergenic pigments minimize the chances of infections or associated complications.
  • Side-effects are seldom observed in SMP.
  • It has a quick healing time of about 2-4 days.

Like most of the surgeries and procedures, the Scalp MicroPigmentation too comes with its share of demerits.

  • The biggest drawback of SMP is that it does not cause any hair growth. All it does is to hide the bald patches or the receding hairline with the natural pigments.
  • The procedure will only give the scalp a fuller look. It can do nothing about the length of the hair, unlike a hair transplant, where you have a hair growth of the desired length.
  • If you intend to go for hair transplant at a later period, do not opt for SMP, as it will leave a disparity in the hair color.
  • In spite of the few demerits, SMP is still widely recommended, although the ultimate decision will always be yours.

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