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Role Of Homeopathy In Autism Spectrum Disorder

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MD - Homeopathy, DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopathy Doctor, Mumbai  •  40years experience
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Hello friends.

I am Dr. Praful Barvalia. Today I am discussing with you, the role of homeopathy in autism spectrum disorder. Autism is a developmental disability. It's quite a serious disorder which has great impact on child's socialization, communication, sensory processing and development. We come across a child who does not have eye to eye contact, who is who could be extremely hyperactive, who has stereotype motion, monomaniac behavior. Now, these children quite often could be associated with mental retardation while number of autistic children may have average or above average IQ. Please understand that there is great difference between autism and mental retardation and we need not confuse both.

Since autistic child presents with the serious behavioral issue as well as they present with sensory impairment, homeopathy has a great role to play in handling autistic children. It brings about wonderful behaviour modification, reduces hyperactivity and more important is it brings about significant moderation in impaired sensory processing. We can come across a child who is extremely sensitive, oversensitive to sound, to noise, we can come across a child who has tremendous difficulty in processing proprioceptive, kinaesthetic sensation. The child may not like hugging, the child may not like touch while there could be another child who would love hugging, who would love hug. Now, this is spectrum disorder so you come across the entire spectrum and there lies the beauty of homeopathy. Since it believes a great in individualization, we try to appreciate what are the characteristic individualizing feature in an autistic child. So, we try to perceive behaviour. In behavior, we come across a child who is extremely hyperactive, who is learning here and there with impulsive, with jumping, this is known as kinetic kind of autistic behavioral manifestations.

And you have corresponding homeopathic drugs where we study like Tarantula Hispania, where there is tremendous hyperkinesis which is relieved by music. You can come across Nux Vomica, who is extremely hyperactive and who is all the while relieved, all the while interested in jumping and may have associated number of other characteristic features. While there could be another child who might be extremely hyposensitive, maybe even passive, then the drugs like acid fast, like Baryta Carb, calcarea carb can come into differentiation. We may come across an autistic child with marked sensory issue to dimension, over sensitive to sound, we have drug-like theradium, we have the number of drugs like Nux Vomica, phosphorus, carcinosin, they have marked sensory issues. So, when sensory component is very predominant, you can have this kind of drugs which can work quite effectively.

We had carried out clinical research in autism spectrum disorder under auspices of Central Council of Research in Homeopathy, Ministry of Ayush and we could document it very well that autistic children in pro substantially with homeopathy. Our articles were released in paid reviewed national and international research journals. Now all these findings, they allow us to prove the effectiveness of homeopathy. My last 25 years of experience, working on autistic children with an exclusive autistic centre, has given valuable insight and therapeutic guidelines in working with this children, in bringing about tremendous changes in sensory aspect, in behavioural aspect, even in cognitive aspect to the certain extent. It is possible to realize every child's potential with the help of homeopathy in perfect synergy with occupational therapy, speech therapy and another mode of therapies and you can realise the hidden divine potential of each child, so child shines out and you can restore smile in the distressed parents. Homeopathy plays a great role in building immunity of the child. Number of autistic children suffer from various infections coming up repeatedly.

Homeopathy helps to build up immunity and to eradicate the propensity towards infection. Homeopathy has a distinct role to play in bringing correction in various perceptual difficulties. Perception is an important aspect of learning. A child who has perceptual difficulty, has errors in spellings, writes 'd' instead of 'b', 'b' instead of 'd', 'god' 'dog' this kind of perceptual difficulties are available in learning disabilities, suffer from dyslexia, dysgraphia, miscalculia and number of autistic children, over a period of time, may develop learning disability. Now homeopathy has a role to play even in correcting this perceptual difficulties as we see number of our homeopathic medicines like Lac caninum, Lycopodium is wonderful in correcting errors of perception.

As I mentioned, homeopathic medicines when utilised in scientific way will allow us to realize child's potential. It's not going to bring about any magic. It has to be used in a scientific way. In about 3 to 4 months’ time we'll start seeing positive changes to take place. But every child is unique. Every individual is unique and homeopathy believes in individualization. There is not one medicine for autism spectrum disorder. We need to appreciate the totality of the child and when we apply our science beautifully studying the totality it is possible for us to bring about phenomenal change in child's life and that's how there is the possibility to bring about tremendous joy in the family because the child's potential gets realized. In Spandan, it was possible for us to see number of children getting rehabilitated in mainstream school after having worked with them through a very holistic approach for 5-6 years and then you can see the child can be mainstreamed and that will be a real spirit of inclusion. Homeopathy can contri can definitely contribute in bringing about the change and in contributing to the spirit of inclusion. Friends, for more information, you can contact me on


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