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Reasons For A Breakout On Your Chin!

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Reasons For A Breakout On Your Chin!

Pimples are a common complaint and tend to emerge just when you want your skin to look perfect. Acne breakouts can be triggered by many factors. The location of your acne can indicate what may be troubling your skin. The most typical location for pimples is the forehead and nose. However, it can affect other parts of your face as well. Pimples on the chin are typically caused by hormone fluctuations. This can affect men and women of all ages. However, it is more commonly seen amongst adult women.

Hormones stimulate the production of oil in the skin cells. This can clog pores and trap bacteria within it. The result of this is a cystic blemish. These can be described as pimples with roots deep in the skin. These cysts are larger than average pimples and can last for anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks. They are also more difficult to treat and do not respond well to traditional drying techniques. When they do subside, they may leave behind scars that are even more difficult to remove.

Resting your head by placing your chin in your palm can also be a cause for chin pimples. This is because the palms secrete oil and sweat. Resting your chin on your palm for extended periods of time can lead to a transfer of oil and sweat onto the chin. This may get trapped in open pores and result in pimples.

The good news is that there are ways to prevent pimples on your chin. Keeping the skin clean and not pricking pimples is of primary importance. Avoid touching your face intentionally or unintentionally. Along with washing your face, also wash your hands regularly. This minimizes the chances of transferring bacteria to your face. A non-drying cleanser with glycolic acids and salicylic acids is ideal. The salicylic acids prevent bacteria from entering the pores while the glycolic acids help smoothen skin. Also, keep your cell phone clean as it often comes in close contact with your face.

Eliminating milk and other such dairy products from your diet could also help. This is because milk builds up mucus that may be difficult to digest. Undigested mucus is excreted in the form of cystic acne. Growth hormones given to the cows can also influence the endogenous hormones. This, in turn, can trigger oil production in the skin and trigger acne breakouts on the chin and jawline.

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