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Reasons Behind Obesity and Its Homeopathic Treatment

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Dr. Bela Chaudhry 92% (328 ratings)
BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopathy Doctor, Delhi  •  32 years experience
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I am Dr. Bela, a homeopathic practitioner, practicing for the last 30 years. Today we will talk about obesity the burning issue of, of the whole country these days. We see a lot of youngsters as well as old age, everyone is now suffering from obesity which is just a lifestyle symptoms. It is not really a disease so per say. What are the, why does this obesity occur? It could be some lifestyle disease, for example PCOS, menopause or thyroid or may be just an inactive lifestyle. Then how do we tackle obesity? The best way to tackle obesity would be a diet and exercise routine and by diet I don’t mean a real diet “diet” but one would go in for high nutrition and low calorie food, for example salads and fruits and anything that our grandparents will call food, right. Not those packaged products. Also we will cut of the aerated drinks and focus more on things like narial pani and lemu pani which are again the good calories retake besides the nuts and things like that and avoid the kind of excessive oil and definitely the white sugar, Maida and things like that. Also we should incorporate some kind of exercise in our regime and the exercise would be the kind of exercise that you would probably like for example zumba, somebody like yoga, some people just like walking, some people like any, any gyming or any other kind of exercise that you would like. Besides that also if you still need an answer to obesity, homeopathy has an answer and we have also introduced a weight loss coffee, that helps reduce because it’s got Garcinia, it’s got cacao, it’s got green coffee, green tea and things like that, so that combination together increases your BMR therefore reducing your sugar cravings, your Maida cravings and therefore helps in reduction of weight.

So, I thank Lybrate for giving me this forum to introduce this topic with you all.

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