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Questions You Can Ask A Surgeon!

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Questions You Can Ask A Surgeon!

There are many questions which patients, as well as their relatives, have regarding the surgery to be performed or regarding the disease condition. Every patient has a right to have complete information about the surgery. The patient also has a right to have a second or third opinion from another surgeon if he is not sure whether his ailment requires surgical intervention. Some of the prominent questions which every patient should ask prior to his/her surgery are as follows:

  1. Is there a need for the operation?
  2. Alternatively, can it get better with medications itself?
  3. Why is there a need for surgery?
  4. Are there any other options or alternatives instead of going through surgery?
  5. What are the chances of the operation being successful?
  6. What can be done if the surgery fails?
  7. What are the risks and complications of the operation?
  8. Can you assure that I will not face the same complaint/ problem again after surgery?
  9. Will the surgery benefit me?
  10. Under what type of anesthesia will the surgery be performed?
  11. Can the operation get delayed?
  12. What are the blood tests and investigations I need to do before an operation?
  13. How many hours before surgery do I require to stop eating and drinking?
  14. How much will the operation cost me?
  15. What type of insurance do you take?
  16. How many hours will the surgery take?
  17. What are the chances of surgery being successful?
  18. What is the guarantee that I do not face the same complaint again?
  19. Could you tell me about your experience regarding this type of surgery?
  20. Should I take a second opinion?
  21. Where will the surgery be performed?
  22. Will I require blood during operation?
  23. How long after surgery I need to be in the hospital?
  24. What will happen if I do not undergo surgery?
  25. What will the procedure do?
  26. How long will the surgery take?
  27. Will the operation ever need to be redone?
  28. Some of the questions which present post-surgery can be as follows:
  29. When will I get discharged?
  30. What type of care do I need to take?
  31. How long will it take for complete recovery to take place?
  32. What are the things I need to avoid?
  33. What are the dietary changes which need to be taken care?
  34. How long do I need to continue with the medications after surgery?
  35. When can I resume back to work?
  36. When and how frequently do I need to come for follow-up?
  37. What are the signs of infection?
  38. What activities am I allowed to do?
  39. Can I have a sexual relationship and when?
  40. What shall I do about constipation?
  41. When will the sutures be removed?
  42. What extra care do I need to take for early and quick recovery?

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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