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PRP For Face /Vampire Facial

Dr. Priya Mohod (Shirsat) 90% (470 ratings)
Trichologist, Navi Mumbai  •  16 years experience
PRP For Face /Vampire Facial

Every person, especially women, want to maintain a youthful skin, sans the wrinkles, fine lines and the other signs of skin aging. As much as we want, the skin aging is an inevitable phenomenon that will hit you at some point or the other. There are many skin surgeries and therapies available that help in skin upliftment and rejuvenation. One such nonsurgical and natural therapy that many people have embraced to give their skin a much-needed boost is the Vampire Facial, also known as the Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for the face.

The Vampire facial has garnered much attention over the past few years. There are many renowned celebrities and personalities worldwide who have opted for the Vampire Facial.
Vampire Facial derives its name from the fact that the procedure involves the use of one's blood for the overall facial rejuvenation.

The Vampire Facial is simple and involves the use of platelets rich plasma to achieve the desired result. The basic steps involved in the procedure include:

  1. The vampire facial commences with the collection of blood (usually from the arm).
  2. The next step involves centrifugation of the collected blood (approximately high spin for 10 minutes) to separate the platelets rich plasma from the rest of the blood components.
  3. To minimize the pain, an anesthetic cream is usually applied all over the face.
  4. The platelets rich plasma is then gently and carefully injected into the face at multiple spots (use of multiple small injections) strategically to ensure maximum skin renewal and rejuvenation (through increased collagen formation that accelerates the skin healing to a great extent).

From fine lines to dark circles to smile lines, Vampire Facial takes care of every aspect, improving the skin texture, adding an aura to your already pleasing personality. The number of sessions is often determined by the age of the person concerned.

  1. For young adults (in their late 20's or early 30's), a single session may be enough to produce the desired results.
  2. For middle aged people (after 40 years), the sessions are often 3, with a time gap of 4-6 weeks.

Who should avoid the Vampire Facial?

  • The Vampire Facial may be best left avoided for people dealing with an unstable blood pressure, a condition medically known as Haemodynamic instability.
  • Pregnant as well as lactating women should also refrain from this procedure.
  • In addition to these, people having a low platelet count (Critical Thrombocytopenia), chronic infections and septicemia should also avoid Vampire Facial or PRP of the face.

After a Vampire Facial, a person should follow a healthy skin care routine for better results. Keep the skin well hydrated and moisturized as much as you can. Never leave the house without applying a good SPF sunscreen.

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