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Poor Sperm Count - Can Pregnancy Be Achieved?

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Poor Sperm Count - Can Pregnancy Be Achieved?

Low sperm count is behind almost half of the cases of infertility in couples. It can lead to subfertility or in many cases infertility. But low sperm count does not necessarily make it impossible for a couple to have a child.

What is meant by low sperm count?

Sperm count is the number of spermatozoa present in a particular unit of semen. Low sperm count means, that the sperm count has not reached the threshold of what is considered normal and it may not be sufficient to fertilize an egg. Low sperm count also affects the spermatozoa’s ability to move (sperm motility) and their shape (sperm morphology ).

How is sperm count determined?

Doctors prescribe a test called semen analysis. A sample of the man’s semen is analyzed to establish both the quality and quantity of the sperms contained in the semen. A sperm should usually make up 5% of the semen volume. A sperm analysis can be done at any pathology laboratory.

How can you improve the odds of conceiving when sperm count is low?

Having a low sperm count does not mean you should give up hope of ever having a child. There are many ways you can circumvent this minor glitch.

• The fluid produced by a woman’s cervix is instrumental for the survival and transportation of spermatozoa. The days of the menstrual cycle, when a woman’s body produces the best quality of cervical fluid should be reserved for sexual intercourse. This timing is crucial because the cervical fluid will help the spermatozoa to travel to the egg and fertilize it.
• It is important to engage in intercourse as frequently as possible. The more the volume of semen, the higher the number of spermatozoa.
• Many studies reveal that frequent ejaculation improves sperm motility
• Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), primarily used for infertility treatments, may help couples achieve pregnancy.
• Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a type of In-Vitro Fertilization procedure wherein a single sperm is inserted directly into the female genital tract.
Surgery performed to remove the blockage can increase the possibility of getting your partner pregnant.
In addition to these abovementioned cures, your doctor may recommend hormone-replacement therapies to correct low hormone levels that are responsible for fertilization.

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