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Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Penis Health Facts - Why Vitamin C Isn't Just For Colds Anymore

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Dr. Vinod RainaSexologist • 22 Years Exp.MD - General Medicine
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Penis Health Facts - Why Vitamin C Isn't Just for Colds Anymore

Everybody knows that vitamin C has immune-boosting properties. In fact, it seems that one cannot get so much as a sniffle without a well-meaning friend reminding them to take some vitamin C. Vitamin C also has lesser-known properties that make it a penis-friendly vitamin, and one that should be stocked up on every day - not just during cold and flu season. Learn more about how vitamin C can be integrated into the daily routine for penis health and better sexual function.

How vitamin C maintains penis health?

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that the body uses to repair tissue, improve the health of the blood vessels and keep all systems healthy. It is also a water-soluble vitamin, which means it dissolves in water and is not stored by the body, unlike some other nutrients. Vitamin C easily passes out of the body via urine, making it even more important to consume foods high in vitamin C daily. Vitamin C works all throughout the body, and especially benefits a man's sexual health in numerous ways.

Keeps the heart healthy: Vitamin C is important for the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system, so it is intuitive that the vitamin also plays a key role in penile functioning. Proper blood flow is mandatory to achieve a solid erection and the circulation to the area suffers if one's ticker is not functioning effectively. A healthy heart is the first step to a healthy penis.

Healthy blood vessels: Just as a healthy heart is important to maintaining penis health, so to is the health of the blood vessels that supply the blood to the manhood. Vitamin C helps to repair and maintain the health of the delicate tissues, blood vessels, and even any skin that becomes damaged or injured. Keeping the blood vessels strong and healthy can help allow the blood to flow more freely to the penis, allowing for healthy engorgement.

Antioxidant Properties: Vitamin C is one of the elusive and sought after antioxidants, which help attack cancer-causing free radicals in the body. In terms of the penis, it helps keep the skin of the penis healthy and may help fight against cancer that could invade the reproductive organs.

Keeps the skin healthy: The skin of the penis is, perhaps, the most delicate skin on the body of a man. Even the most diligent self-care routine leaves bacteria - which love to grow in moist, warm areas - on the skin. This bacteria can lead to rashes, itchiness, and even a burning sensation. Vitamin C can help stave of infections that lead to that oh so uncomfortable itch.

How to take vitamin C?

Doctors recommend adult men over age 19 get 90 mg of vitamin C per day. Of course, the best source of the vitamin is the natural variety from fruits and veggies, but for men who can't seem to squeeze enough of the good stuff into their diets, there are dietary supplements available to help up the dose of vitamin C. Some men prefer to take multivitamins, which contain all the recommended vitamins needed daily, while others choose a vitamin C only supplement to hit their daily intake.

Alternatively, for men who are seeking to maximize the penis health boosting benefits of vitamin C, a specially formulated penis vitamin creme (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) may be the best option. An all-natural vitamin creme can be applied directly to the skin of the penis, allowing for maximum absorption and effectiveness. Such a formula should be used daily as part of the grooming routine and should be applied after getting out of the shower, and while the skin is still slightly damp, to help lock in moisture.


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