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Patients - Things They Must Tell Their Homeopath!

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Patients - Things They Must Tell Their Homeopath!

Patients have to describe there problem in terms of symptoms and not in terms of diagnosis. Patients usually tell their problem like 'I have severe migraine since 2 years, or I have problem of sinusitis'. But it should be in following way - I have headache problem, its a right-sided headache, or there is heat sensation in the head.

This is the best possible way off narrating your problem to a homeopath who will then address your health concern as per your needs. Following are the steps you should follow to get the best treatment for any chronic disease:

1. Write down all your symptoms in detail: What ever symptoms you experience, where ever in your body, right from head, just describe it in your own words, right from your head to feet, not according to your preferred importance. E.G a patient may feel pain in abdomen which is important for him so he will describe it, and also a symptom watery discharge from ear which is not important for him, so he will not describe it. This should not happen, a patient has to describe every complaint with which he is suffering from. For the doctor, it can be very important symptom to treat your abdomen. It seems to be contradictory to your idea but that is not important.

E.G a patient came to me for piles. She described all the common symptoms of piles but then she also describe a symptom that she had watery discharge from left eye, she had warts on neck. So, here all the symptoms are important and had to be considered to treat piles.

2. Age when the problem occurred: Up to what age you were absolutely normal and since when you think health had started deteriorating and had shown what kind of symptoms initially and then what sequence of disease you had?

According to homoeopathy different diseases are the branches of single disease which had affected an individual in the past. It may start with skin eruption, recurrent cold cough or with recurrent diarrhoea, etc.

Note: Usually patient starts experiencing low intensity symptom. For example, I had patient who said that I was very normal and then 3 years back I had skin eruptions on ankle (which he explained in detail, it used to itch very severely with oozing and it was treated with some ointments it got better in one month then after 6 months after I had some kind of lung infection (explained in detail) I use to cough a lot with mild fever for which I was treated with antibiotic and then I was fine for 4 years then I had this present problem of severe pain in calfs (explained in detail).

3.Keep aside all your symptoms or complaints lets try to understand you generally: Write it down what are the things to which you are intolerant to or what are the things which affect you. In this you can add whatever you want to. Start with level of mental understanding - what you are intolerant of mentally, then  climatic condition: what climatic conditions you cannot tolerate, and then  food or drinks: what food and drinks you are intolerant of or that causes distress, last: any particular sight, any thing whatever you want.

4. Do you have any outgrowth on skin (warts), any out growth on genitalia, or any sort of eruptions?

5. What you can write about nature of your body, so far what you have understood of yourself?

Preparing a good data of all the above asked questions will help you to a great extent in making your homeopath understand your problem completely and provide you with a solution which will last forever.

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