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P.R.I.C.E.: How Is It The First Aid For Sports Injuries?

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I am Dr Rajiv Mehta, Physiotherapist, practicing since 1999. I have been working in sports physiotherapy, Orthopaedic physiotherapy, neuro physiotherapy and Paratik physiotherapy.

Today I am going to talk about sports injuries, now many of the sports are coming up in India like cricket, football, marathons, gyming, badminton due to all of increase in this sports, injuries in related to this sports also increased. I am talking about few of the common injuries like Supraspinatus, it is a shoulder injury very common in badminton, bowling, cricket, another one epicondylitis that is also known as tennis elbow very common in tennis and cricket. Ankle sprain, very common injury in football also in marathons. Shin pain very much common in marathons, people who run in marathons get pain in their leg. Then knee injury, very common in football, cricket, marathons also. So what happens when this injury occurs, either sports person leave their sports or change their sports but believe me there is no need of leaving sports. One thing is sure that these injuries cannot be treated at home by any of the home remedie, nor rest only can treat this injuries. So visit a sports physiotherapist who will not only rehabilitate your current injury but also will prevent the further damage to that injury, one of the magical treatment for this sports injury that I am going to tell you that you should always do whenever there is any injury that is price P.R.I.C.E. P stands for Positioning, whenever there is any injury to any part first of all position it, stable it with any splint with any cast whatsoever is available, then R, R is for rest, keep that part in complete rest do not try to move that part and see whether the injury is at what extent, keep that to the professionals only. I is for Ice, immediately apply ice this ice prevent swelling of that area and reduces the injury by about 80%. C, C stands for compression apply a compressive bandage, crepe bandage over the injured area. Then E, E is for elevation, elevate the part above the heart so that swelling doesn't stay there the educate moves towards the heart. If you apply this P.R.I.C.E phenomenon in any of the injury, surely you will be back to your sports as soon as possible and trust your sports physiotherapist visit him as soon as possible, so that you can enjoy your sports, you can enjoy your prash. Regarding sports injury, I am treating many of the Olympians, many of the film stars, many celebrities and it's my promise that you won't have to leave sports neither you have to be on the rest for much of the time.

If you have any sports injury, visit to velocity fitness clinic its a velocity promise that you will gain your velocity as soon as possible.

Thanks, I am Dr Rajeev Mehta sports physiotherapist.

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