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Hello everyone, I am Dr Sanjay Bansal I am in MS orthopaedics main field of interest is join the placement in arthroscopic surgery, I work in Apollo spectra Hospital in New Delhi and in various places in Faridabad. Today we'll talk about a very common disease known as osteoarthritis of the knees. This disease is quite common in middle age and aged people, in this the patient comes with us with complaints of severe pain in the knee joint, he cannot move the knee joint, there is stiffness of the knee joint, swelling of the knee joint and even the movement of the knee joint in some patient gets restricted, he cannot fully extend or fully flexes joint. This disease occurs due to the degeneration of the cartilage and may occur due to various others factors like the weakness of the muscle, bone weakness, improper postures. There are various treatment modalities for it. If the osteoarthritis is of grade 1 and grade 2 we can treat it with various physiotheripical exercises we can put intra-articular injection and energetics and kneecap. If it goes through grade 3 and grade 4 then the options left are only surgery. We can feed it with arthroscopic surgeries and a joint replacement surgery. Joint replacement surgeries are very much modified nowadays which we can replace half of your knee joint or we can replace full of the knee joint. Now, these patients asked the what is the outcome of the total hip replacement I assure you the success rate of knee joint replacement is almost 99%. If you follow the advice what's the doctor says, you will be absolutely free of pain. Now patients come to us and ask, how can we prevent it, it can be delayed slightly if you take proper care of your muscles and bones. For that, you should do regular exercises strengthen your quadriceps muscles strengthen your hamstring muscles, take proper food, don't use up the inappropriate posture that it can be easily delayed or prevented.

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