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Nutritional facts: lotus seed (maakaha)

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Nutritional facts: lotus seed (maakaha)

Nutritional facts: lotus seed (maakaha)

Lotus seed also known as Phool makhana is nutritionally very distinct from other nuts and seeds.These are very low in sodium and high in magnesium,being low in fat and high in carbohydrate,fibre,potassium,phosphorus,iron and zinc makes them a good choice of snacking for patients of high blood pressure,diabetes and heart disease also.

Sometimes the bland flavour may keep you away from introducing it into your food schedule, you can roast it and add the seasoning to replace it for unhealthy tea time snacks.These nuts can be added to sweet and salty preparations both, thus, make healthy choices by adding then in your breakfast cereals, snacks and salads .Their fibre content makes them a very good choice to add consistency to your dishes like curries and soups.

So, you can replace the cornflour with lotus seed powder and help yourself treat naturally from constipation.

The high protein and the anti oxidant percentage makes them a good choice for vegetarians and their anti-aging property brings them to the list of super foods.

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