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Normal Childbirth

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Dr.Manisha Arora 89% (16ratings)
MS - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon  •  23years experience
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I am Dr. Manisha Arora and today I want to tell you and discuss with you about how to deliver normally? Most of the patients are in a fear of normal delivery. Jo fear of normal delivery hota hai usko hum Tocophobia kehte hai and our statistics prove that there is almost 8% of patients or we can say mother undergoing this Tocophobia. To isse kya effect hora hai or isse hum kaise bach sakte hai or what are the causes of this Tocophobia, we are going to discuss about that. Now most common cause of Tocophobia or fear of child birth is stress, tension, fear, anger, anxiety. All of these result into the release of your hormone which is known as adrenaline. Humari body me basically 2 tareeke k hormones release hote hai, one is adrenaline, which is the we can say the fright hormone or vo hormone jo humare ko stress me release hota hai and the other hormone are the endorphins, which are the relaxing hormones. So, whenever there is a stress, fear, tension or anxiety about labor, that results into the release of the fear hormone or the stress hormone.

So, whenever this stress hormone is released, the instinct of the brain is that all the blood supply of the body goes towards the brain. Vaise to ye bahut acha defense mechanism hai in other conditions but for a patient who is in labor, this results into or the all the blood cells goes towards the brain, so the blood supply to the uterus is inhibited. Uterus k upar itni blood supply nahi jati jiski vajah se labor is arrested at that time. So, the most important thing is that we have to remove from our mind the fear, the tension, the stress of labor. How to do this? It is very easy to say ki, you don’t have to take the stress, you have to be tension free but everybody should know what are the techniques by which we can be stress-free or tension free during labor. So, on your 9 months of pregnancy, there are certain things that you should practice. One of them is deep breathing exercises: inhale, exhale. Even if you do not know how to do it, just do this inhalation and exhalation exercise for 2-5 minutes. The other thing is, this deep breathing exercise will help you and the other thing is meditation.

Meditation is really going to help you. What is meditation and how to do it? If you do not know how to do it, then you can just consult or you can go on a YouTube video for relaxation or a meditation technique and what you have to do is sit in a relaxing posture for 5 minutes in comfortable clothing and you have to just connect to God. Or another way you can say that you have to take God’s power and God’s energy to enrich your baby also and to empower yourself, so that you are able to perform better during breathing. The other technique is one of them is walking. Walking is very very essential. Unless your doctor has advised you bed rest or extra rest, please do not take unnecessary rest during pregnancy. Keep working. Just go on 10 minutes or 15 minutes morning walk. Morning walks keep your body fit, opens your muscles and the most important thing is it releases the relaxing hormones, endorphins from your body. These endorphin hormones will result in relaxation of your mind and this will help you in labor. So, you just cannot start a stress-free or a relaxation condition in without practicing it in pregnancy. You have to practice relaxation in pregnancy and that is by these techniques like deep breathing exercises, meditation, walking. Another what very important thing is exercises.

Many exercises help during labor like swim, during pregnancy you can do everything. You can do dancing, you can do relaxation techniques, you can do other pre-natal Yoga, you can do swimming; anything that will help you. And these exercises especially Yoga, you can start at 24 weeks or you can start earlier if you are already an exercising person or whichever day you start is good. Don’t think okay I will start tomorrow. Just keep doing some exercises, any pre-natal Yoga will help you. And these there are exercises like there are pelvic muscle exercises, there are exercises which open your hip, there are exercises like simple Yoga, butterfly exercises, squatting and sit-ups; all of these helps you deliver normally.

And one more important thing that you can start from your 9th month is to start visualizing labor. Visualizing easy birth, visualize a love-filled birth and because of visualization along with emotions has a very important role to play. Don’t watch videos which are showing a painful birth or which showing negative emotions. Just watch videos or even if you do not watch videos, just relax and keep imagining very loveful and easy birth and you start imagining your baby hugging you and you are holding your baby, you are lactating your baby. All these will help you deliver normally. Thank you for your patient listening and we are here to help you and to help you deliver normally. So, you can contact me if you want to. I am available at Max Hospital, Gurgaon and also at Crosspoint Mall in doctor’s hub. You can also contact me through Lybrate.

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