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New Treatment Options In HIV!

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Dr.Ishwar Gilada 94% (3755ratings)
MBBS, DDV, FCPS, APEX, Diplomat American Board of Sexology
HIV Specialist, Mumbai  •  40years experience
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 I am Dr. Ishwar Gilada, HIV Specialist. Today I will talk about treatment option for HIV. There is a huge development in HIV treatment. It is a chronic manageable disorder. HIV patient doesn't have to die of this problem or sick. We can prevent HIV transmission from one person to another. Today I will tell you about new treatment in HIV. Nowadays we have new medicines for HIV. Newer medicines are more advanced than the older ones. Now patient has to take the medicines for 3 months as per the doctor's prescription and before the medicines were prescribed for 6 months. These medicines provide better results. Now virus cannot be detected. You won't be even able to see the virus. Now undetectable is untransmittable. So, it can also not be transmitted to the others. Even with unprotected sex, person will not be affected.

Even during pregnancy mother will not transfer the disease to the child. So, baby is 100% safe from the mother who has HIV. Another medicines is TAF. So, by taking this medicine kidney and bones are not harmed. So, medicines are safe. So, if mother and father both are affected, still child can be born uninfected. And we can also prevent the partner with new medicines. So, HIV patient cannot donate his blood or the organs. But if the virus in undetectable, at this time donor can donate whatever he wants. India has good medicines for treating HIV. And it is also affordable. Patients are able to sustain for whole life.

So, HIV positive and negative person can have the similar life. HIV patients we are checking at every 6 months interval. So, if anyone has HIV, don't worry and contact to the doctor. Live a proper life. So, if you do not know if the person is HIV infected, you can take pre-HIV medicines and if you know that you have got infected after 24 hours than you can take post-HIV medicines. So, this is how you can prevent the problem. This way you can live excellently.

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