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CD4/CD8 Test

CD4/CD8 Test

also known as: CD4/CD8 ratio T-cell test

CD4 is a common test which may be used along with the test for CD8 cells to support the diagnosis of the body. It can be used with HIV viral load to assess the immune systems of the person diagnosed with the human immunodeficiency virus. Here the CD4 cells are white blood cells, which are called T Lymphocytes, or T cells, which can fight infection and play the important role in the function of the immune system. Therefore, the patient needs to check out the test to monitor the body condition via using this test. At the same time, the patient needs to control and follow the given instruction to get rid of this problem.

This CD4-CD8 test is very simple, so the patient is requested to donate the blood from this body. Even you need not want to prepare to take such a test, just keep your routine as it is with the regular eating habit. Just be a little cautious and do inform your medical history, if any to your treating doctor. After he physically examines you and knows the medical condition the doctor may suggest some additional tips. If you regularly take some medicine, do let the doctor know.

This test identifies the CD4 – CD8 level in the body.
• CD4-CD8 is used in conditions like HIV, infections, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Women's Health issues.
• On getting the lab result of it, then you can easy to control your ailment as per the result.
• It is necessary for the doctors to consult test results before beginning treatment.
• It takes very less time to produce results.
• You need not go additional preparation before and after taking the blood test.

The blood sample is drawn from the patient. Tie an elastic wrap around the upper arm. This increases the flow of blood in veins. The technician will insert a needle into the vein to collect blood. The blood is transferred in the bottle with your name on the label. This blood is now carried to the technician desk for further testing. Then the result of the test has to be tested in the lab by the technicians and provide the result by following the exact producers. CD4-CD8 follows the new methodology of Flow cytometry, which helps to identify the result in a superior manner.

whole blood
4ml green top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
All age groups
Rs1000- Rs 3000

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