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CD8 Test

CD8 Test

Lymphocyte, the white cells of human's blood creates CD8 cells. The cells of lymphocyte are generated for killing several dysfunctions. CD8 kills different harmful germs and cancer molecule. The CD8 test prescribed to see the ration of this cell in the white blood of the human body. The normal count of CD8 should live between 200 to 800/mm3 in blood. The ratio should be 2.0. Once the count crosses 800/mm3 number, then the body is marked strong and safe. The body that has less than normal ratio might acquire HIV. The responsibility of CD8 cells is to find and deactivate the infected, damaged and cancer cells.

The physician needs blood sample of the specific body. So, the expert would collect blood from the vein of the arm. If the patient is addicted to any serious sickness and takes high dose drugs, then that has to be clarified to the health expert. Some drugs can create dizziness, weakness, bleeding kind of tendencies. Any mistake can cause severe infection as well. As CD8 blood test doesn't require any special preparation, therefore, describing the health condition is mandatory. Early morning appointment is good for this test. So patients have to leave the drugs before night and accomplish a light dinner at 10 o'clock. The food needs to the properly.

Once the body is showing HIV symptoms, the doctors want to be confirmed. Whether the body is actually affected by AIDS virus or not, how much the body is being infected by this virus, where the virus has attacked, the report answers to such questions. Therefore, health guides depend on the clinics to get a complete report of CD8 cells' presence in the body. Through the CD8 blood test, the lab report clears the accuracy of HIV in body. Thus, the doctor can go forward to the treatment procedure. The testing is reported the present count of CD8 white cells in the blood.

Monitoring the HIV symptoms, infections, and therapies are the duty of the expert. The doctor would observe the progression, denomination, and stabilization of the infected cells continuously. Therefore, how the CD8 cells are reacting with the body, is the ratio increases, these questions have been cleared from the testing. Examining HIV symptoms and infections are the part of the procedure. CD8 blood test's procedure is with. The physician takes blood through needle and syringe. There are no such complications, in dragging blood from the body.

Whole blood
Fill tube(s) to capacity.
Lavender-top (EDTA) tube and yellow-top (ACD-A) or (ACD-B) tube.
Type Gender Age-Group Value
All age groups
Positive if the conditions listed are detected
Average price range of the test is between Rs.800 to Rs.2200 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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