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Myths Related To Psychiatry And Psychiatric Medicines

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Myths Related To Psychiatry And Psychiatric Medicines

The mental health of a person can be regulated with the help of self-awareness and a conscious attitude in many cases. Yet, in most cases, one will have to resort to the use of psychiatric help which may include the use of therapy and medication. There are many kinds of conditions that may go out of hand and affect our day to day functioning. These include conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and many more. Yet, there is a certain amount of stigma and many myths attached to the field of psychiatry and its medication. Here are a few myths that we have tackled.

  1. Psychiatric Medicines can be Addictive: This is a major myth that may people have. It is not true that once you start taking psychiatric medication, you will have to take them for life. In fact, for medicines like anti depressants, most clinicians make it a rule to administer the drugs for only a limited period of time, so that the person does not get dependent on the medication in order to run his or her life in a normal manner. Like there is a time defined period for treatment like ATT ( for tuberculosis) likewise there is a time duration of treatment with antidepressants which a patient should discuss with their psychiatrist. Further, the prescription of such medication is more often than not, backed with proper therapy which happens before and after the medication is taken. This helps in ensuring that the patient is weaned off accordingly with the help of positive discussions and evaluations.
  2. Antidepressants can make us Happy: This is another major myth that many people have. The fact is that the antidepressants do not have any euphoria creating properties which recreations drugs may have. These are medicines that have an affect on the production of the specific hormones that may be creating problems in the life of the patient. Therefore, one should not expect to feel happy as soon as the antidepressant is taken with some water. A happier self can only come from within and with outside help like therapy in case the patient is in a constant state of despair. The medication will simply help in suppressing and increasing the production of the necessary hormones in the brain, which will restore the correct chemical balance. A person who takes these kinds of medicines without actually suffering from depression may face side effects like feeling off balance and sick.
  3. Psyhiatric drugs will change your personality: Any medication out there can cause negative effects for a patient if taken too long or given the wrong dosage. You have to discuss any treatment related side effects with your doctor and he will have a solution for it. The way we see it, is this; if someone with depression overcomes it through their medication, their personality will be changed, yes – they will be free from negative thoughts, anti-social behavior, and feelings of defeat, which is a definite change in personality – a positive change. The same can be said for an illness like Schizophrenia, with the right treatment plan, their minds will become less consumed by hallucinations, delusions, and irrational anxieties – another healthy and positive personality change. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Psychiatrist.
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