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IHC - Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein Test

IHC - Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein Test

also known as: gfap

Millions of people are dying due to ischemic stroke, transient ischemic attack, blood clots in the brain and other neurological problems. These types of sudden strokes and attacks are prevalent in every country and the number of deaths due to these types of diseases is increasing steadily over the years. Blood pressure patients are susceptible to sudden stroke and brain hemorrhage and people suffering from high blood pressure should undergo a unique blood test namely IHC-Glial-Fibrillary-Acidic-Protein (GFAP). Individuals who suffered from grievous head injuries should also undergo GFAP blood test to rule out blood clots and other neurological problems.

Patients who suffered from stroke or ischemic problems or brain injuries should compulsorily undergo GFAP serum test. People who are planning to undergo these types of blood tests should fast at least for a minimum period of 8 or 9 hours. Empty stomach is a good option since patients will get perfect picture about GFAP markers in the blood stream. Individuals should wear loose dress since it will be easy for the providers to draw blood from the arms. The provider generally uses sterilized injection while drawing blood from the patient body. Patients have to stay in the clinic or diagnostic center for few to several minutes and the process will be completed quickly.

Deaths due to brain injuries and neurological problems are in the raise and individuals who have suffered from minor or major stroke in the past will be able to rule out cerebral or major neurological health problems when they undergo IHC-Glial-Fibrillary-Acidic-Protein (GFAP) serum assessment. Patients who suffer from frequent bouts of epilepsy, nausea, head ache and other problems related to brain will get an insight about the GRAP bio-makers when they do this blood test. Physicians will change the existing medicine or prescribe different medicines when they observe elevated GRAP protein markers in the brain.

Patients or individuals who have suffered major head injuries or stroke can stay in the hospital for few days. The physicians will draw blood from the in-patient's body at frequent intervals and examine the blood with special devices. Elevated GFAP protein is a dangerous sign which needs immediate medical condition. If the test is done only as a precautionary measure then patient can choose best diagnostic center which will draw an ounce of serum from the patient’s body and send the sample for further examinations. The procedure will last only for few to several minutes depending upon patient's’ health condition.

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