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Missed Periods - 5 Probable Reasons Behind It!

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Missed Periods - 5 Probable Reasons Behind It!

The time you missed your period, you may go through a range of emotions. If you have been attempting to get pregnant, your heart may fill with joy and hope. Although, if that is not what you want, you may feel frustrated and stressed out even though it is likely that you are not pregnant. However, pregnancy is not the only cause of missing a period. There can be a great number of possibilities that may lead to missing a period.

Here is a list of common causes of missing a period:

  1. Pregnancy: Sometimes it is exactly what you are expecting, i.e. you can be pregnant. The early symptoms of pregnancy are relatable to the sensation of getting your periods. The cramping, the bloating of your stomach and tenderness in the breast tissues, are all very similar. If your period has been delayed for over 10 days, it is suggested to get a pregnancy kit at home and check for the result. It is advised to wait till 10 days; otherwise the result may not come out as accurate.
  2. Illness: In certain ailments, such as a fever or common cold, your body will concentrate on functions that are vital and your periods are not one of them. This can result in missing a period.
  3. Stress: Stress can create an array of problems in your body, be it excessive weight gain, headache or acne. When you are stressed out, your body produces a hormone called cortisol in excess. Cortisol is produced in the body in small quantities but when you are stressed out, it goes on overdrive and your brains starts to differentiate between the functions that are essential and the ones that are not. The blood supply to various parts of the body can increase like the muscles and the brain. This means the other functions such as metabolism and your reproductive system will be subdued. That is how stress can make you miss your period.
  4. Change in weight: If you suddenly lose a lot of weight, without maintaining a healthy diet, you deprive your body of the basic nutrition it needs. This under-nourishment can affect the production of oestrogen, which is directly involved in maintaining your uterine lining. On the contrary, if you gain too much weight, your body starts producing excessive amount of oestrogen. This will stop your uterine lining from degrading and will stop your periods. It can also cause heavy and irregular bleeding.
  5. Excessive workout: This is commonly seen in athletes or ballet dancers who maintain a rigorous workout regime. This over- work out can make your body stop producing oestrogen that causes disruption in your menstrual cycle.
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