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Mental Disorder Treatment!

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Mental Disorder Treatment!

Ayurvedic Epilepsy Treatment  Ayurveda categorizes epilepsy into four types, depending upon which particular Dosha is vitiated. Accordingly, seizures are classified as VataL Pittaj, Kaphaj. Sannipatik in Ayurveda. Vataj seizures (caused mainly by vitiated Vayu) last relatively for a shorter time, increase respiratory rate, cause more secretion of foam from mouth and abnormal body movements during fits. Pittaj seizures (caused mainly by vitiated Pitta) cause yellowish or reddish tint on the body, lot of sweating, the foam coming from mouth is also yellowish, patients experience hotness in body and severe thirst after the seizure. Kaphaj seizures (caused mainly by vitiated Kapha) last for a relatively long time, the foam is whitish in colour while patient experiences heaviness in the body. Sannipatik seizures are caused by vitiation of all three Doshas and therefore have mixed characteristics.

Timelyintake of food. Sleep is an important factor when it comes to epilepsy.  Avoid junk foods, spicy foods, chats etc., it will trigger the condition.  -  Include food items like walnut,  shrimp, cauliflower, carrot, mango, papaya, spinach, soybean in your diet.
These are said to be brain tonic and helps to reduce the frequency of seizure.  

Asmar denotes epilepsy, that usually persists in the majority of patients with mental debility and disability, in spite of multidrug therapy with advanced anti-epileptics. But by supplementing Sodium valproate with an indigenous composite of some Indian herbs as an adjuvant at 8 hourly dosing, tends to modulate the therapeutic outcome positively due to bioregulation of altered GABA bio kinetics and neurogenic action. Thus this adjunction seems a boon in epilepsy management.

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