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Living With Arthritis - Foods To Pick OR Kick

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Living With Arthritis - Foods To Pick OR Kick
Foods to eat/ avoid for arthritis and inflammatory pain

Different foods have different properties. Here are some foods to have and a few you must refrain from if you are suffering from arthritis and inflammatory pain:

Include these foods in your diet.
1) cherries - these contain anthocyanocides which assist in lowering uric acids, thus reducing the level of pain.
2) ginger - eating fresh ginger of drinking ginger root tea is advisable if suffering from arthritis and inflammatory pain. The gingerols present in it include anti-inflammatory compounds which are extremely helpful.
3) pineapple - there exists in pineapples, an element called bromelain which is a very effective anti-inflammatory.
4) raw apple cider vinegar - anti-inflammatory properties of raw apple cider vinegar are also very beneficial. It can be consumed by drinking a tablespoon of the vinegar mixed in about 250ml water or as salad dressing.
5) turmeric - turmeric or as we call it haldi, has anti-oxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties.
6) omega 3 fatty acids - omega 3 fatty acids also have anthocyanocides. Which lower the levels of uric acids. Eating more of chia seeds, flax seeds and fish is also encouraged.

And the foods to avoid are,
1) sugary foods - sugary foods are like toxins which cause inflammations and lead to more pains in the body. Hence, avoid foods with excessive sugar when suffering from arthritis and inflammatory pain.
2) omega 6 oils - these oils, if consumed in high amounts, cause inflammations. It is advisable to replace these foods with healthier foods.
3) fried foods: deep fried foods are cooked at high temperatures and thus induce inflammation.
4) salt - this happens to some people where excess intake of sodium increases the pain in the joints. Hence, lowering consumption is not a bad idea.

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