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Liposuction: Should You Say Yes To Liposuction?

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Dr. Siddharth Prakash 92% (19 ratings)
Fellowship in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Fellowship in Breast and Body Contouring, Rio, Brazil, DNB (Plastic Surgery) -, DNB (General Surgery) -, MS (General Surgery) - , MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Mumbai  •  18 years experience
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I’m Dr. Siddharth Prakash, I m a cosmetic plastic surgeon and I practice at Lilavati Hospital in Bandra and at my own clinic in Andheri Lokhandwala.

One of the most common cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed worldwide and in India as well is Liposuction. But in spiteof this I have seen that most people do not have correct information about Liposuction.

Today I would like to briefly cover over the entire topic and give you accurate and up to date information. Liposuction is a procedure to remove unwanted body fat from certain problemareas of the body. Now the areas that are usually covered with liposuction include the whole of the abdomen, the sides or the love handles, the hips, the buttocks, the thighs, calfs, the back, chest, arms, neck and chin. These problem areas are prone to stubborn deposition of fat which cannot be easily removed by diet and exercise. But they can be dealt with liposuction. So liposuction while removing fats from these areas visibly improves the shape of your body. Theadd in advantage is that liposuction can be done through very tiny cuts without the need ofstitches. So the recovery process is without scars and is very quick and pain free. Liposuction should be regarded as the procedure to improve the shape of your body and not per say as weight loss procedure. So liposuction is right for all men and women who are within 30% oftheir ideal body weight. So in spite of your best efforts, if you are having trouble loosing that those certain stubborn pockets of fat then liposuction is the right procedure for you. Liposuction will give you will make you slimmer, makes you look sleeker and you will fit betterinto your clothes. The way I do it it’s also cause some amount of skin tightening and give you better definition. What liposuction cannot do is help to loose large amounts of fats from allover your body so it’s not like a weight loss procedure. Also if you have very loose or sagging skin then liposuction alone does not work I need to combine it with a procedure such as tummy tuck where we can remove that excess skin from the body. When you come and see me for your first consultation regarding liposuction, I need to know your desires and expectations. Ineed to see your present weight, your present shape and discuss what end reason that you arehoping for. I need to examine the fat deposition. I need to examine the muscle tone and skinquality. I’ll tell you in detail about the preparations, the steps of surgery, the follow up,recovery and the results and we will discuss what we can achieve and what we cannot achieve. We will also take some pictures to plan the surgery better. Once a date is decided we do a fewblood tests to rule out any medical or surgical problems and that you are fit for surgery. On theday of surgery you come in early morning. The surgery takes about 2-3 hours. What basically involves is that I make a few tiny keyholes in hidden areas of the body and through those keyholes, we put in tumescent solution which is basically a medicine that helps to make the area numb to reduce the blood loss and to dissolve the fat. Through those same key holes we put inthin hollow cannulas and suck out the fat. Now the suction is done in a manner so as toimprove the shape of your body and give us a better sallow it. At the end of the procedure you are awake and you are up in about almost immediately. In case of a larger liposuction you needto wait overnight but in case of smaller liposuction you are good to go by evening. The way I dothe procedure has the added advantage of giving you reasonable skin tightening at the end ofthe procedure and also improves definition. You are awake and about at the end of the procedure almost immediately. Recovery is quite quick, you are on antibiotics and pain killers. Over the next few days you are back to your daily activities. You don’t need to take more than3-5 days of leave depends upon the how large the liposuction has been. I will be giving you a custom made pressure garment which is like a tight waist that you wear underneath your clothes and that helps the skin to stick back faster and it gives you better shape over the next few weeks. In fact you will notice that the results keep on improving over the next few weeksand you are becoming slimmer and fit into your clothes better. The results from liposuction arelong lasting and almost permanent if you maintain your body current weight. Even if you dogain some weight then the areas that have been liposuction do not show as much redeposit ionof fat as before. Now people ask me if we combine other procedures along with liposuction. Wecan definitely do multiple areas of the body together, we can also combine something likeliposuction of the neck with other smaller facial surgeries or eyelid surgery. If you are doingliposuction of the abdomen we can combine it with tummy tuck or with breast surgeries ormale breast correction. We can also use the suction out fat to augment the areas like breast or buttocks which is called autologous fat crafting. Liposuction is very safe when done in the righthands. Small small side effects like bruising or numbness lasts only for a few days and recover very quickly. When done in the wrong hands that can be done by aesthetic complications likelumps and bumps, rippling and asymmetries but more serious side effects are very rare andonly occur when it is done by unqualified people in Eli quipped make sure you choosethe right plastic surgeon for the procedure. You have to make sure that he is fully qualified andyou should also see that he has added training or fellowship training in aesthetic plastic surgerywhich makes him fully suited to perform procedure like liposuction. He should also have lot ofexperience on the procedure so that he can do it to perfection. In fact you should also ensurethat you have good repo with your plastic surgeon. You should be able to ask him all yourquestions and he should give you an ample time and answer them satisfactorily. Your surgeonshould be available through the follow-up period and through the recovery. And he should beconfident enough to manage any small problems if they do arise. I m a both satisfied plasticsurgeon, fellowship training from Harvard university, I have done numerous aesthetic plasticsurgery cases in New York and Brazil. And I have done numerous liposuctions so I’m there foryou when you need me. Make sure to always choose a reputable hospital with high standardsof quality and high standards of hygiene. It should have skilled team of anesthetic and nurses. I always operate at Lilavati Hospital in Bandra which is one of the premiere institutes in the country. People ask me about the cost of liposuction, let me assure you that it is relatively inexpensive comparable to any other minor plastic any other minor surgical procedure and if you are doing a large are of liposuction then it is comparable to any other major surgical procedure. Always make sure to choose a reputable hospital, I usually operate at Lilavatihospital because it has a skilled team of anesthetic and nurses to take care of you.

I’m sure you have many more questions you are most welcome to come for a personalized consultationwhere I can discuss your own case in more detail. You can contact me via Lybrate or search meup on google. I look forward to see you in my clinic.

Thank you!

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