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LGBT: What You Need To Know?

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MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Delhi  •  19 years experience
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Hello! I am Dr. Bheem Nanda. I am a consultant cosmetic and plastic surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.

Nowadays as we can see, there is too much awareness regarding the transgender group. There is a very big LGBT group and now the Supreme court is also considering Article 377. Nowadays society is also accepting these people. Now we can provide sex-change surgery for these people.

There is a condition called Gender Dysphoria. Gender Dysphoria means mentally what the person thinks is of different sex than his physical body or chromosomal body basically. Like if there is an absolutely normal female but mentally she thinks she is a boy. This battle between the mental sex and the genital sex is called gender dysphoria. The diagnosis depends on the psychiatrist. He evaluates the patient whether he or she is a case of gender dysphoria or not then. Once he establishes the diagnosis, he then gives the clearance for hormone therapy. Then these people undergo hormone therapy. They take the hormone and then changes occur in in their body. Once they are comfortable enough , only then the psychiatrist gives clearance for the gender affirmation surgery.

In Gender affirmation surgery , if it is a female, we can go ahead and make her a male and if it is a male and then we can do surgery to make him a female. Then there is a battle between the mental sex and the genital sex. When we consider female to male transformation , then the stage-1 surgery is removal of the breast. In stage-2 surgery,  we remove the ovaries, vagina and uterus. In stage-3 surgery ,we do penis reconstruction. After that, depending on the what the patient desires, we can go ahead with the scrotum reconstruction, testicular implants, hair transplant for beard or mustache etc.

We have to make an implant in penis for erection and all those things. We can do many procedures to make a female into a male. If we consider a Gender dysphoria in case of male to female , then in those patients in Stage-1 surgery we would remove the penis and make the vagina. In the same sitting , Labia majora can also be made. In Stage-2 we do the breast implants. In stage 3 , we can do face contouring like rhinoplasty to make the nose thin, jaw contouring, facial profile correction etc. We can even do voice correction also and laser hair removal for whole body or for mustache.

So there are many procedures available to make a gender dysphoric person do what he likes. All these procedures can be done at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital by my team. There is a highly state of the art of OT with all the facilities available. We provide all the surgeries here at an economical rate.

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