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MBBS, MS - General Surgery, FIAGES(Fellowship In Minimal Access Surgery), FMAS (Fellowship In Minimal Access Surgery), Dip. Minimal Access Surgery, FCLS(Fellow International College of Laparoscopic Surgeons), FALS(Fellow Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery)
General Surgeon, Ghaziabad  •  11 years experience
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Dear Lybrate users, very good evening to all of you, myself Dr Apoorv Goyal I am a laparoscopic and General Surgeon practising in Ghaziabad for last 5 years and I routinely doing all laparoscopic procedures and the surgical procedures. And I am here to guide you through laparoscopic surgeries and tell you about its various advantages. Laparoscopic surgery was introduced in India in 1990 and since then it has evolved in a big way, now with the recent technologies and advances, we are able to perform laparoscopic procedures for almost 80% of surgical cases. Many cases like gall bladder stone, hernia, appendix, hysterectomy, and other pelvic surgeries can be done through laparoscopic way and if we talk about the principal of laparoscopic surgeries. Then I would like to tell you that, we use a high definition camera system, high definition monitors and specialised instruments through which the surgery is performed and we use very small in incisions and scarves so that the trauma is minimised. Now, if I would tell you about the advantages of laparoscopic surgery, then the first thing is there, the minimum scar and minimum trauma to the body, then most of the recovery or postoperative period is painless, it is eventful, it is very smooth. The patient usually returns to their routine work early and they are quite happy and satisfied after laparoscopic procedures. Many common diseases like if I already told you about gallbladder stone, hernia, appendix, and hysterectomy many things can be done laparoscopically and even with the techniques and advancement in technology, which we are having now. We can even perform like Complex gastrointestinal surgeries, hepatobiliary surgeries and even cancer surgeries through this minimally invasive technique or laparoscopy. If we compare the cost of the surgery, then there is not much difference in the cost of the surgery because now the system is advanced and it is easily available so there is not much difference in the cost and it is easily available and everywhere. Myself I am routinely performing basic and advanced laparoscopic surgeries and I am routinely doing this, all this gallbladder stone, hernia, appendix, hysterectomy and other advanced gastrointestinal surgeries. If you wish to consult me for the same then you can visit my profile on or you can visit my clinic which is in Ghaziabad, Patel Nagar 2nd, opposite DDA market.

Thank you very much.


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