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Dr. Jeetu Mishra 88% (65 ratings)
Bachelor of Physiotherapy, MPT sports physiotherapy
Physiotherapist, Delhi  •  16 years experience
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Hi, I am Dr Jeetu Mishra Physiotherapist and Chiropractor. I passed out in 2004 and being practicing in Delhi since 2005. My speciality is with the back, neck and spine. We usually see fitness people related with the sports injuries and we have been dealing that since 2006 onwards, I worked initially with team, team tennis and other sports. I myself have been a runner and a exercise enthusiast, we have clinic here in Arjun Nagar which is facing Defence Colony we provides services related to healing which involves cupping, massage, spinal adjustment and Physiotherapy treatments. We primarily focus on the back and the shoulder which are the most common injuries which sportsmen suffer. These days we see huge increase in the sports injuries due to the peer pressure on the people they tend to gain huge weight, they tend to lift huge weights during the exercise, they attend to injured themselves more often and then they turn up, usually they turn up late in the 30 or early 40’s. These days we see very often with the complaining of the back pain because of the sedentary lifestyle and there exercising habits. We tell them to lower down the weight, go easy on the exercise and tell them to go more on the stretches, when we find there have been tightness or the misalignment, imbalance in their back, we tried release them to my official release needling, cupping and the massage. We often use different other methods as well, we find the swelling persisting and we trying to do that by laser or electric therapy, ultrasound, long wave these are the gadgets we very often used in our treatment. We also work manually, we have team of doctors who work expertise for last 10 to 15 years got experience hands we can palpate the insufficiency, palpate the tightness, we can examine the limpness capacity usually seen a lot of tightness in the lower body and the upper body the function movements are restricted these days people tend to use more of the unnatural moments in the gyms. They tend to force themselves using those unnatural moments and then they get injured. Lack of mobility is the biggest cause of the injuries again what we see, we tend to tell them, to correct them and we trying heal them naturally. We don't believe in medication, we try in healing them naturally we are complete no-no for the medication. Until it is must for anyone and we asked them to follow their physician what kind of medication they have to take, we focus truly on the natural healing, we infact try to call ourselves as a healer, manual therapist, physiotherapist, physical therapist these are the things that we often call ourselves. We believe a natural healing is the best way of healing your own body. If you have any queries related to the our services please call us on our numbers, please take up the appointment at the reception and we will help you out with our services. Thank you.


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