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everyone myself doctor Prashant Ruikar. I’m a practising homoeopath in new Mumbai. Today I’m going to share my views about diabetes. The reason for choosing diabetes to share my views is because we have been reading news in the papers that soon we are going to be the diabetic capital of the world and we are also going to be the most populous country in the world surpassing the china, in such situations diabetes the burden of diabetes in the health care system in India is going to be very huge and as a homeopath, we are going to play very important role in the management of diabetes. diabetes is not the disease of the pancreas only, to explain this I would like to give an example of the car if you are dining in a car and going to a beautiful destination and suddenly tire gets a puncture the most logical solution seems to be the to get puncture done or to replace the tire. The same thing cannot be applicable to the human body because it consists of very different system interrelated to each other and one cannot be healthy without other. So for the management of diabetes the holistic approach is very important we are all made by nature and it has put in a healing mechanism within us. If it remains sensitive and sensible towards nature and other human beings we can remain healthy as long as we live, so as far as the management of the diabetes is concerned the most logical solution seems to be controlling the blood sugar but the data and research says that this approach has not given us the desired results till now. The two most factors in managing the diabetes are diet management and stress, diet is important because nowadays we are eating food which may be equal to hundred people.

Human genes are falling into the category of thrifty gene which means it needs very less food to survive and excess of food that we are eating is directly converted into fats and this excess of fat needs more sugar you crave for more food excuses the fatty generators and this cycle goes on so controlling your diet is very important factor in management of diabetes. Another important factor in the management of diabetes is stress and how stress is having an impact on diabetes. I would like to give an example of the snake, imagine yourself in a room and suddenly you come across to a snake what happens in your body is you suddenly get a stress response in your body. stress hormones increase it comes to your lever and it stimulates your liver to secrete more and more glucose. Glucose comes to your blood and you get the energy to run away similar thing happens in another system also your heart rate increases, breathing rate increases. 

Now in real life situation, we are surrounded by such imaginary snakes maybe in your house at your workplace but there you don’t have the choice to run away from them and this continuous stress has a very bad impact on your health so stress management is another important factor in the management of diabetes. as far as medicine management is concerned in homoeopathic we use medicines which are proved on healthy human beings and not animals in the lab and homoeopathic medicines were on the principles of hormesis. in simple words any medicine or substance in small quantity has bio positivity impact on human health it stimulates the human immune system in a positive way and any medicinal substance in large quantity have a very toxic impact on human health so homoeopathic medicines are suitable and safe for all the human beings. I request all the patients not to judge the impact of homoeopathic medicines only on the basics of blood reports they are getting because to the management of diabetes. Diabetes is the multisystem disorder and you should see that a medicine which is giving you a well-being feeling, which is giving you the energy to carry on your routine in a positive way is best medicine for you and homeopathy do exactly that we are standing on the human evolution at a point where holistic approach to health is very important

The whole medical system standing to a point where we should adopt a new approach called WPH that is whole person healing to know more about whole person healing you can follow me on LYBRATE thankyou

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