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Hi, I am Dr Gopinath Menon, Homeopath. Today I will talk to you about skin problems. Skin disease is very common nowadays. Why is our skin so matter? Because it enhances our confidence. You also have to look good. They lose their confidence when they feel they are not presentable enough. Homeopathic treats these cases with ease. Psoriasis can be treated easily with homoeopathic treatment. The homoeopathic treatment takes time to remove the root cause of the problem. homoeopathic treatment works very fast. The patient can see the result within 3 days.

Some stress factors or other problems might bring psoriasis again. But it is very easy to control this problem. For acute problems like acne, pimples homoeopathy works wonder. Warts can also be treated with homoeopathy. Homoeopathy helps you in any case like no side-effects, no harmful medicines are taken, no restriction on you. And you can live a free life. You will feel good when you will look yourself in the mirror. So, try homoeopathy. Thank You

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