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Kidney Failure - Homeopathy Treatment Can Save you From Them!

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Kidney Failure - Homeopathy Treatment Can Save you From Them!

The kidneys may be small in size but perform a major function in the human body. One of the most important functions of the kidneys is to remove waste from the body through urine. An inability to do this is termed as a renal failure. Kidney failure can be triggered by a number of conditions and hence prevention is the best cure for it. Once it has been diagnosed, the aim of treatment then is to prevent further deterioration and preserve the functioning of the kidneys.

Homoeopathy is often used to treat kidney failure. This form of treatment addresses both the symptoms showcased by the patient and his or her overall physical and mental health. It has negligible side effects and hence can be prescribed to people of all ages.

The key causes of kidney failurre is presence of stone, blood in urine and pains radiating to thighs while urinating.

Some common homeopathic remedies for kidney failure are:

  1. Apis mellifica: This medicine is often prescribed in cases where the patient exhibits swelling of the face and extremities as well as paleness and pain in the head and back. It can be used to treat any form of Bright’s disease which is accompanied by dull pain in the kidneys, frequent micturition and scanty urine. The patient may also complain of blood being present in the urine. Drowsiness, body aches and breathlessness are other symptoms this remedy can address.
  2. Apocynum: Kidney failure that causes scanty urine or dropsical conditions can be treated with apocynum. This medicine may also be used in cases when the patient suffers convulsions or goes into a coma as a result of kidney failure.
  3. Arsenicum: This is used to treat kidney failure that causes dropsy, paleness, diarrhea and excessive thirst. In such cases, patients may also have darkened urine which contains albumin and the urge to urinate may be more frequent. Arsenicum is also beneficial in cases where the patient suffers from dyspnoea attacks while lying down in the latter half of the day.
  4. Belladonna: Belladonna is often used to treat inflammation of the kidneys that is accompanied by burning pains in the lumbar region. These pains may recur periodically with an increased amount of pain each time.
  5. Cantharis: Kidney failure that causes cutting pain in the lumbar region can be treated with cantharis. Scanty urine that may have blood is another symptom that can be treated with this remedy.
  6. Convallaria: Kidney failure caused by heart conditions can be treated with this homeopathic remedy. In such cases, along with the symptoms of kidney failure, the patient may also complain of an irregular heartbeat.

Apart from the above mentioned medicines, Berberis and Vulgaris are also very effective and highly recommended Homeopathic medicines which are recommended to treat kidney failure.

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