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Intimacy Issues In Women - The Unsaid Problems!

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Intimacy Issues In Women - The Unsaid Problems!

Cases of Female sexual dysfunction are not rare. According to studies, around 70% of women experience it at some stage in their lives. Many of these intimacy problems can be treated by hands-on bodywork and counseling, whereas some of these sexual dysfunctions may need medical intervention such as surgery or hormone treatment. But mostly, women experiencing intimacy issues find it difficult to discuss it with their partners and are afraid of getting misunderstood. Thus, they continue without resolving the issue.

Women experiencing intimacy issues may face emotional as well as physical difficulties. These may include low self-esteem, loss of libido, problems in experiencing orgasm, painful penetration, poor body image, feeling disconnected from their body during sexual intercourse, and unable to enjoy sexual intercourse.

Intimacy Problems -

● Many women experience loss of sexual intimacy at some point in their lives due to stress or during pregnancy. Generally, lack of sexual desire does not last long but in some cases, it can continue for a long period of time which affects the relationship of women with their partners. This may be caused by some social and psychological factors. The loss of desire for sexual intercourse may cause one to experience pain during intercourse, problem experiencing orgasm, lack of feeling in genitals among several other psychological and stress-related issues.

● Arousal is the physical response for sexual desire and intercourse. This arousal is characterized by erotic sensations in one’s body especially in breast and genital areas, improved flow of blood, and lubrication in the vagina. Women who experience a lack of arousal may face pain during intercourse, reduced lubrication, and lack of orgasm or genital sensation.

● Pain during sexual intercourse can be caused by a number of reasons such as loss of desire, reduced lubrication, and Vaginismus or tight vaginal muscles. In some cases, women may experience pain or burning sensation at the vaginal entrance due to Vestibulitis or Vulvodynia, Dyspareunia or pain within the vagina. These problems may be caused due to some psychological issues or trauma.

● Reaching orgasm is not something necessary to be achieved during sexual intercourse, but it’s just an experience like any other during the intercourse. Orgasm arises naturally within the body during sexual intimacy but can be blocked due to some psychological stress.

Treatment -
The development in the medical field especially hormonal testing using bio-identical substitutes and pills for women has improved the intimacy issue among women. One can consult counselors and therapists as many times as these sexual problems occur due to some psychological trauma or stress. One should also talk to her partner and can also perform some relaxation techniques. Emotional support from the partner greatly helps in solving intimacy issues in women.

Take Away -
Women face various intimacy issues during their lives. Some get better with time, while some may need medical attention or counseling. One should not avoid these problems and should not be hesitant to consult a doctor or a therapist.

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