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Impotency - How Does Homeopathy Treat It?

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Dr.Sachin Padmakar Pandit 91% (609ratings)
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
Homeopathy Doctor, Nashik  •  10years experience
Impotency - How Does Homeopathy Treat It?

Nowadays, many males are suffering from sexual problem, mainly impotency. Impotency is of mainly two types. The first type is psychological impotency and the second type is pathological impotency.

Psychological impotency is mainly because of stress which includes situational stress, unusual fears, phobias and sexual fatigue. Surprisingly, it has been found in patients of age group 20-40 yrs. On the other hand, pathological impotency is because of systemic illness like diabetes, leading to polyneuropathy, hormonal disturbances like decrease in male sexual hormones, testesterone, tumours, etc.

After a thorough consultation of these patients, it is observed that most of the patients suffer from psychological impotency. Homoeopathy is the only system of medicine which has the ability to act on mind. There are five questions for patients to answer after which the state of mind and a state of body of the patient is understood.

After getting answers from the patient, the symptoms are individualised and matched with certain homoeopathic remedies for impotency. In this way, the exact remedy is found through which the problem of impotency can be cured.

Homeopathic medicines do wonders only if it exactly matches. That is why, there is no specific remedies for any problem in homeopathy. Along with medicines, the homoeopathy always recommended meditation which helps the patients of impotency tremendously, especially psychological impotency. We suggest Vipassana type of meditation for the patients for 45 mins daily. In that one can start with anapana meditation by SN Goenka which can be found easily on internet.

Pathological impotency is less frequent. It is mostly because of hormonal disturbance like low testosterone level in blood and polyneuropathy. The approach in homoeopathy for pathological impotency is like any other disease. The patient only needs to answer only 5 questions which would be enough to root out any problem. Along with medicines, diet and regimen are also significant.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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