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Importance Of Water

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BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, PG Diploma In Dietitics & Hospital Food Service
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  15 years experience
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Hello Everybody,

This is dietician Charmi Gala here. We all know we need to drink lots of water. Body is made full of water at least 70% of a body part. Most of us know that we need to drink water but are we able to? No! So what are we going to learn today or what I am going to tell you is that there is no hard and fast rule to follow about water? But you can watch your urine colour, you can have ample of water. Summer is not a season where you need to worry much about the water. But rains yes. Once it is little cooler, our water intake comes down. So how do we get and reach that water target?

So how do we make sure we need to drink ample amount of water. What are the ideas that I am going to share number one add water if not there are other ways to adding water. Like your milk, lime water, you have your rice kanji, you have green tea. Other liquids which you can stock at your desk and keep drinking ample amount of water. So you need to set a limit on beverages when you work at the desk, we take a lot of tea and coffees. These are all having lot of caffeine. What you can do is set a limit of 2 small cups during a day. Increasing your water should be a good way by adding a different more of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Try and have the seasonal fruits as much as you can. As much as your tomatoes melons your cucumber salad tomatoes they have ample amount of moisture so we can eat moisture from them.

We can also think about gifting a bottle to ourselves. Why not , yes. Whenever you get of your typical bottle, get bored not taking water in a right way, try and substitute with a fresh new bottle that will add more interest to your water intake. Apart from that whenever you are going away from home or office try and carry a water bottle set a reminder to your gadget we all use lots and lots of gadgets these days. So what we can take help from technology is set good into will's target so that whenever you are low on water keep reminding your body that you need more and more of water. What next you can also change the temperature, in summers we all like to drink cold stuff.

Soon there would be monsoons here, we can add up warm liquids like your green tea rice kanji your liquids which are thin soups so that your body will appreciate taking warm liquids and it will get you and energized body. Next what next can you do you can also try and put yourself on a liquid diet for a day in a week's time where you just take lots of liquid so that you rejuvenate your body. So to know more about your nutrition queries know more about yourself how you can change your nutrition targets in your body contact me via you can book an appointment for yourself.

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