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How to Prevent A Pre-Diabetic State From Becoming Type-2 Diabetic State?

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How to Prevent A Pre-Diabetic State From Becoming Type-2 Diabetic State?

What is a pre-diabetic state and what is a diabetic state?
When blood glucose levels (blood sugar level) go above than normal level, but it’s not so high enough to be considered as diabetes than it is considered as a pre-diabetic state whereas diabetes is considered when the blood glucose levels are too high.

Who is prone to become diabetic from a pre-diabetic state?
Certain ethnic groups are more likely pre-diabetic due to their lifestyles, such as African-Americans, ASIAN group, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Asian Americans, and they are at highest risk of developing diabetes. The pre-diabetic state can be prevented from becoming a diabetic state by making following changes in lifestyle:



  • By reducing weight: The pre-diabetic state is associated with high body mass index (BMI), and large abdominal girth. So to prevent diabetes, the weight should be reduced.
  • By increasing physical activity: A sedentary lifestyle is one of the major factors for developing diabetes from pre-diabetes. It includes exercising, cycling, walking for at least 5 days of a week for at least 30 minutes.
  • By taking care of the health as age advances: As age advances, the risk of developing diabetes increases. During 40-50 decades of our life risk is highest if they are accompanied by pre-diabetic states.
  • By maintaining blood pressure level and by reducing high cholesterol levels: High bad cholesterol levels for the longer duration of time often associated with the conversion of the pre-diabetic state into the diabetic state.
  • By improving eating habits: Practicing mindful eating is one of the best ways of preventing diabetes. By eating when you are hungry, and by stopping it when you are full will help you to maintain the weight, and to prevent diabetes.
  • By taking treatment for underlying disease: Certain diseases, such as polycystic ovarian diseases, thyroid disorders are a major cause of pre-diabetic state. Thus, to prevent further development of diabetes, they should be treated properly.
  • By maintaining blood sugar level with proper diet and lifestyle: A previous history of Gestational diabetes (diabetes while you were pregnant), or positive family history increases the risk of developing diabetes. Thus, to lessen the chances of becoming diabetic, we must keep a check on the diet.
    • By eating healthy food
    • By taking low carbohydrate diet
    • Having low glycemic index foods, such as high fiber diet will help to avoid development of diabetes. An excessive intake of foods which are processed, cooked, or canned can rapidly shift pre-diabetic state into the diabetic state as they have a high glycemic index.
    • Avoiding lot of meat as it can lead to high cholesterol levels

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