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How To Find A Good Homeopathic Doctor?

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I am Dr. Rajesh Shah. I am the Director of Lifeforce Homeopathy. We have clinics in Mumbai Pune Bangalore and we treat patients from across the world using the online model. Well, today we talk about how to find a good homeopathic doctor in your city. Well, most people search for homeopathic doctors on google or any search engine and they end up locating few doctors in the surrounding area but they are not sure many times how to really put figure on a good doctor who is able to treat his or her condition. After making a search on google when you go to visit the doctor’s website it is important for you to keep in minds certain points which can help you decide whether the said homeopathic doctor is able to treat you in the best way. The disease that you may be having it is important that your doctor has adequate knowledge understanding and experience in the treatment of the disease. For example, if you are getting treated by say migraine headache or lichen planus or say vitiligo your doctor should have seen at least fifteen to fifty cases of the disease in order to gain good insight in understanding on the treatment of the disease.

If somebody has not had enough experience with such diseases then possibly might be difficult for the homeopathic doctor to treat you. Also, make sure that the homeopath that you identify has an adequate medical qualification. In Most countries in the world, homeopathic doctors are graduates or postgraduates. They are either graduate doctors for example in India you find BHMS doctors which is an undergraduate qualification for homeopathic doctor. And you also find MD doctors who are postgraduate doctor of medicine in homeopathy in many parts of the world. In certain western world western countries, you might find doctors who are conventionally trained MD and they practice homeopathy. You can always check with your doctor what is the qualification. Whether that qualification is valid legal in that country or not that is also important. You also find out whether this doctor had adequate training in understanding various diseases.

Whether the doctor had training in understanding the basic medical subjects such as anatomy physiology pathology medicine surgery gynaecology ENT paediatric psychiatry medical prudence in other related subjects. Your doctor should have most importantly great insight into the understanding of you as a patient and should also have a good understanding about understanding the diseases that you are getting treated. Any superficial knowledge of the disease is not going to help especially when you are referring to the treatment of chronic diseases. Your homeopathic doctor should also have adequate knowledge about conventional medicines in the conventional treatment for various diseases because for chronic diseases such as say psoriasis or Ulcerative colitis or even hypertension.

Most of the time the patients are on some conventional treatment conventional medicine and when you shift or when you add homeopathic treatment on top of that the homeopathic doctor has to have a good knowledge about understanding the conventional medicines because without that he or she will not be able to guide you as to how to reduce these doses over a period of time. So it is very important that you select the right kind of qualified and experienced homeopathic doctor for the treatment of your disease. So that you are able to relate to the doctor for a long time. He is able to provide you good service in terms of spending good quality time with you. He has good support staff who can you know can give you appointments timely. He is able to have good communication or approachability in terms of connectivity by phone by email and so on. Because of good communication and approachability in extremely important for the success of an ongoing long term treatment. I hope this helps.

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