How To Do PC Muscle Exercises!

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How To Do PC Muscle Exercises!

What is pc muscle?

PC muscle stands for pubococcygeus muscle. It is a muscle found in the lower part of the body in both males and females. It appears like a swing that stretches from the pubic (pubis) bone to the coccyx (tail bone of the spinal cord) making the floor muscles of the pelvic cavity. It is also called pelvic floor muscle because it supports many pelvic organs in the pelvic cavity. It supports bladder and bowel movements in men and the uterus and bowel movements in women. Organs  which are held by our PC muscles rectum, bladder, uterus, prostate.

It is the muscle used to shut off your urine flow. When you try to urinate and stop the flow of your urine there is a muscle at work to help is called pubococcygeal muscle.

How to recognize your PC muscle?

For males the easy way to find our PC muscle is to stop between urine mid-flow. The muscles you felt kink are the PC muscles. For women, Feel the muscles in our vagina, bladder or when anus gets tight and moves up. These are the pelvic floor muscles. 

What happens if this muscle loosen its strength(i.e. power to do its function properly)?

It causes us pelvic floor dysfunction. we may suffer from  following error-

1) Our bladder function is governed by PC muscles. Due to pelvic floor dysfunction. we might not be able to control urine flow according to will. And you may ooze out urine while sneezing or coughing.

2) Due to pelvic control by PC muscles its dysfunction may cause poor alignment of posture of the body.

3) In men the prostate and in women uterus is governed by PC muscle. Due to dysfunction of it, men may suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) i.e. you may have premature ejaculation. And in women they may have pain while having sex. This is the major problem in the world from which many suffer.

4)  In men and women rectum is governed by PC muscles. Due to its dysfunction the voluntary movements of stool suffer. You may suffer fecal discomfort and uneven discharge. There may be leakage while sneezing and coughing.

Pelvic floor dysfunction is due to following:

  • Traumatic injuries like accidents by vehicles to the pelvic area can cause damage to muscles leading to pelvic floor dysfunction.

  • In pregnancy, your pelvic floor muscles and tissues get strained during pregnancy, especially if labor time was long or procedure difficult.

  • It may be due to chronic habits like going to the washroom for a long time and applying pressure to the bladder while peeing or sitting for a long time to pass a hard stool .

  • Surgery for fistula and fissure can weaken the rectum PC muscles.

  • Overweight and Advancing age are natural causes of losing function of PC muscles causing pelvic floor dysfunction.


There are many exercise to do by which we can strengthen our the PC muscles :

1) Running, walking and doing squats strengthen the lower muscles.

2) Yoga stretches many muscles as well as PC muscles. This helps to add more muscle cells so that muscle gets more strength.

3) Kegel exercise is one the best exercises to strengthen the PC muscles.

An american gynecologist, DR. Arnold H. Kegel developed a non surgical way to stop urine   leakage in women. This way is a Kegel exercise. Kegel exercises are easy to do, but finding the right muscles to exercise is hard. Many men and women who do Kegels are actually exercising on abdominal, buttock, or inner thigh muscles not on correct muscle that is why they don't reap these exercise benefits.

Location :

To do and for the benefit of Kegel exercises we need to find the right muscle to exercise. There are three muscles, you need to discover and kink to complete a correct Kegel exercise.

1) Bulbocavernosus (BC) muscle that is used to stream blood into the penis and to squirt urine and semen out of penis and urethra in males and females respectively.

2) Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. 

3) Iliococcygeus muscle (IC), holds lower organs and guides the mechanisms of pooping(helping to poop and returning the rectum to its home position). They also help in orgasm.


The BC muscle is more important in doing Kegel exercises. Other two are of less work in this exercise. You find this muscle by stopping your urine stream while you’re peeing which all men do while peeing.


Feel the PC muscle by drawing penis inward to the body, making it shorter by length. Your scrotum and near may feel pulling upwards. Women can feel while peeing or tightening the vagina.

Both men and females can feel while trying to avoid passing gas.

Kegel exercise practice:


First necessary to choose the right muscle, try to feel the muscles as described above by lying on your back. When you have the idea of it, we can practice it while sitting and standing.

  •  Try to contract our pelvic floor muscles for 3 to 5 seconds.

  •  Relax for 3 to 5 seconds.

  •  Repeat the contract/relax cycle 10 times.

  • We must keep other muscles relaxed like don't try to contract our abdominal, thigh, or butt muscles, or lift your pelvis. By placing a hand gently on your belly we can detect any unwanted abdominal action.

  • The time of contraction should be gradually increased. It should rhythm for 10-second between contractions and relaxations.

  • Every day we should try to do at least 30 to 40 Kegel exercises. To do them all at once is bad so we should regulate and spread them throughout the day.  These are secrecy exercises that no one will notice or see but you try to do when you are  waiting at a stoplight, riding an escalator, or standing in a queue.


  • First lay down at the back and fold your leg so that it is perpendicular to the floor.

  • Move your pelvic area upward so that your thigh, pelvic , and whole abdomen gets aligned.

  • Now, after holding for a few seconds, relax the pelvic area to the floor.

  • Repeat this 20 times, twice a day.


  • Make your leg in butterfly position while sitting.

  • Flap the leg slowly 20 times twice a day.

  • Do plank for 30s twice a day.


We should pay attention to it and do exercise properly. This PC muscle dysfunction causes many problems in daily life. We should maintain a proper diet to support this exercise. Sex life is the major problem in peoples that can be avoivded by above mentioned exercises. 


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