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How Sound Therapy Can Help Manage Stress And Depression?

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How Sound Therapy Can Help Manage Stress And Depression?


Sound healing therapy can go a long way towards managing one’s stress and depression. It is a kind of therapy, which aspects certain aspects of music to improve a person’s emotional, physical health and well-being. Sound healing tends to involve:

1. Listening to the music

2. To sing along with the music that gets played

3. Moving to the rhythm and the beats of the music

4. Meditation

5.  Playing some kind of an instrument.

There are various kinds of sound therapy, which include vibrational sound therapy that makes use of special sounds and produce the necessary vibrations to improve the brain waves. Now, sound healing has been linked to a number of health benefits like:

1. Boosting up the functions of the immune system

2. Lower down the stress levels

Tips on How Sound Therapy Can Help in Managing Stress and Depression:

People who tend to suffer from the problems of stress along with depression, for them, sound therapy can prove to be an excellent remedy, which can help them lead a happy and a peaceful life. Some of the Sound Therapies, which people can avail in order to manage their stress and depression are: 

1. Vibroacoustic Therapy: Body’s functions like blood pressure and breathing can be affected in a positive manner through vibration. This kind of therapy makes use of audible sound vibrations, which help in improving health and also lead to the reduction of stress. Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy involve speakers that remain embedded in recliners, mattresses as well as special mats in order to transmit music and sound vibrations directly into one’s body.

2. Guided Meditation: This is a form of sound healing, which people can opt for as it would help them to meditation through the voice instructions, either passed through, in a session or in a class or by using any video or any app. Meditation can include chanting or repetition of prayers.

Research related to this sound healing therapy has found quite a number of health benefits, which include:

1. Reduction of stress

2. Decrease in anxiety and depression

3. Reduced blood pressure

4. Lowering down the level of cholesterol

5. Singing Bowl Therapy: This is one of the most famous sound therapies, which has got innumerable health benefits for human beings. It makes use of metal bowls, which help to produce a really deep penetrating sound that assists in relaxation and bring forth peace to the mind.

A study conducted back in the year 2016 suggested that meditation through the Singing Bowl Therapy helps to reduce -

1. Stress

2. Anger

3. Fatigue

4. Depression

So, people can undertake this therapy, which would be highly beneficial especially for all those who suffer from stress and depression.

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