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Hernia: Types and Treatment

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iMAS Advanced Bariatric Surgery Excellence Centre
Bariatrician, New Delhi  •  71years experience
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Non-Surgical way to get relief from Hernia

I am Dr Mukul Khaitan, senior consultant at Institute of minimal access metabolic and bariatric surgery Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. I am having a vast experience of laparoscopic and bariatric surgery since last 20 years. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is a prestigious Institute and is serving the society in the field of laparoscopic and bariatric surgery since last 3 or 4 decades. Today I am going to talk about hernia. I will be talking about hernia in terms of like whether a patient or you know that you are suffering from hernia? How hernia can be diagnosed? What are the signs and symptoms and then what is the treatment option?

Hernia is the protrusion or I will say a break in abdominal wall cavity. It is similar to a wear and tear in your tire. So your tube is coming out of the tire or maybe a hole in your cloth. When we repair a tire with the patch of tire or maybe when we repair a cloth with a piece of cloth, similarly hernia is to be repaired and it needs a surgical intervention. Now how to know that you are suffering from hernia or not. Any patient who is having a sudden onset pain in the abdominal wall or sudden onset appearance of a swelling in the abdominal wall or in the groin should consult a surgeon to look further the developing hernia. Hernia occur anywhere in your abdominal wall or groin starting from just below the chest wall upto near your junction of abdominal wall and thigh and can be divided into depending upon their sites. Like epigastric hernia occurs in upper abdomen. Umbilical hernia occurs near the umbilicus.

Inguinal hernia occurs in the groin area and there is other called the incisional hernia occurs at the site of previous surgery. Now once you know you are suffering from the hernia what complications you should expect from if you are not seeking a medical advice for your hernia. If the hernia slowly grows in size the contents of the abdominal wall like your intestines, your fat inside the abdominal wall or maybe abdominal organs can come out through that hernial defect and can get and trapped leading to surgical emergency. Hernia as I said earlier requires a surgical treatment. In the era maybe 4 or 5 decades prove that heading are required I repair in terms of open surgery. Now last two decades we have a vast experience and we are running a Indian hernia Academy over there at our Institute at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

ENT doctors from all over the India are coming to learn the laparoscopic hernia repair skills from us acme Institute of minimal access metabolism and bariatric surgery. Hernia requires a laparoscopic repair in terms of either it is abdominal wall hernia or groin hernia. We are having a vast experience off recurrent or we will say re-recurrent hernias. Re recurrent hernias means the hernia which have recovered after a open surgical repair over after laparoscopic surgical repair. In those cases we have a very vast experience and we do almost 30 to 40 such hernia as a month and we are getting referals all over the country. So in the last I'll say if you are having a sudden onset of pain in your abdomen or a sudden onset swelling which you are not able to understand the cause you should see the surgical advise and come to our clinic for getting a surgical advice.

If you want to consult me for your hernia or any such problems you can contact me either on my website or you can connect me on lybrate or you can visit my OPD at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. It F42, 1st floor. You can come and meet me over there.

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