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Hepatitis B - How Can You Protect Yourself?

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Hepatitis B - How Can You Protect Yourself?

Hepatitis B is the most severe liver infection due to hepatitis B virus. The virus attacks the liver, causing liver failure, cirrhosis or liver cancer. It spreads via infected blood and bodily fluid. Health care workers, emergency personnel, primary assistants, persons who have given birth to infants and have infected partners are in danger of getting infected with the virus. If you are associated with a hazardous group, then you need to know how to save yourself from infection and transmittal.

How do you know if you are at danger of Hepatitis B infection?
If you are a healthcare worker or you need to manage blood, blood products, and body fluids at your work, then you are in contact with hepatitis B virus.

How to safeguard yourself?
All healthcare personnel, primary carers, casualty worker and others who are prone to blood and bodily fluids in the work need to get hepatitis B vaccination. In a period of six months, the vaccine is given in three doses. It is advisable to test your Hepatitis B antibody level once in 6 weeks after completing the immunization series. This aids you to make sure that you get adequate safety against hepatitis B virus. If the defending antibiotics have not been growing in your body even after completing the immunization series, and then you have to repeat the chain.

What are the extra careful measures?
It is recommended to avoid direct contact with blood and body fluid. If blood spreads, then clean those using thin bleach solutions. If you have any cuts or open wounds, then cover them properly before taking care of the infected person. Avoid sharing sharp objects like blades, nails, slippers, and earrings. Make sure whether or not the new and sterile needles are used during the treatment of certain diseases. Wash hands with soap and warm water after possible risk.

How to get your Hepatitis B status?
You can determine even if you are infected with Hepatitis B virus and the condition of the virus by 3 part blood test. Hepatitis B virus is a dangerous blood born pathogen that can cause fatal disease. Avoiding getting in touch with this virus is the measure to save you from diseases.

If you are prone to Hepatitis B virus and if you are not vaccinated then you should immediately take medical attention. The doctor usually advises you to obtain Post Exposure Prophylaxis as soon as possible. It is worth getting the first dose of vaccine within 24 hours of exposure. To determine whether you have developed defending antibiotics, you have to test.

Hepatitis B can cause liver cancer therefore investigation is necessary.

Family should be screened as it can be in family Pregnant mother with hepatitis B can transmit infection to newborn. All pregnant females should be screened and precaution should be taken to stop transmission to newbor

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