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Heading Computer And Mobile

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Physiotherapist, Gurgaon  •  27years experience
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Hello friends!

I'm Dr. Deep Arya this side. I am a physiotherapist practicing in Gurgaon and Delhi. I am pass out from Bangalore University. So today I am here to discuss with you the care of your neck and back. These days the majority of us are instead of using our body we are abusing it; come whatever whether we are using our watching the TV, watching our laptop, watching the smartphone, working on anything. So we are only abusing it. So we need to know the right ways of doing good things as you know prevention is always better than cure. So today we'll be discussing care about your neck and back. So now let's talk about the office going people who are morning till evening sitting on the desk, desk job and they take it for granted ki they have a desk job, they will be only having this pain, suffering from the pain neck and back both which is a very wrong attitude of them.

So now let's use how to see how do we use the laptop now. So here you see once I kept my laptop in front of me, I have to look little down. My laptop has to be little down, it should not be in front, I should not be looking in front. If I look in front, I will be putting the strain on the neck. As I was talking about the laptop for using as we have kept it in front of us, we have to make sure that our forearm is supported on the table. If I use the laptop like this I am putting the strain on my neck and my shoulders and upper back. So I have to put it on the back, rest my forearms on the table and then use it and preferably use an external mouse so that again my forearm is supported when I am working on the laptop. So even if I am working continuously I am putting the least strain on my upper back and shoulders.

Even if you are working continuously you have to make sure that every half an hour, 45 minutes you get up from your seat and walk around a little bit. You can make take anything, you can go have a glass of water or anything. Whatsoever come may half an hour, 45 minutes is the upper limit in which you have to change your posture. Come to the second position. How we are sitting on the chair that is very important. If I sit wrong normally people tend to sit like this, so now there is a curve in between the back of the chair and our back; which is putting a continuous strain on our middle back and lower back as well. So, we need to stay sit upright as you can see now, now I am my back is supported with the backrest of the chair completely. So I am well supported and I have pulled my chair inside the table so that again while working my forearm is supported on the table and I am working on my laptop easily comfortably. Now we have talked about sitting with the backrest.

Now, what is the position of the feet that is again very crucial like as you can see we need to use a footrest in our table? It should be around 4 to 6 inches up from the ground so I have to pull in myself completely, rest my foot on the footrest and then sit so that my legs are properly supported and I am not putting undue strain on any body part and I can work comfortably. Now let's talk about the next problematic area, the smartphone, so-called the smartphone which is making our body hell. So, how to use that now? You have to throughout the day we are continuously on the phone or spending so much of time work going on seeing the WhatsApp, YouTube; everything is being managed through smartphone now. So at least we can use that phone the right way. Problem area which we come across now we see ki neck is continuously bent when we are using the phone so we are continuously putting a load on the neck, upper spine which again causes of many problems like headache, vertigo anything can trigger off.

People have suffered from cervical spondylosis their problem also can increase to multi-levels. So again we need to use the thing the right way. If you are sitting in the home you can either rest your forearm and go on the table and then use it so that we are at least minimizing the bending of the neck like if you can see here I've kept my phone in front of me and I am scrolling up and down. I am minimizing the movement of the neck. If I again if I don't do that you can see how much neck is being bent. So this care has to be taken. Those people who work on the phone continuously and they have drivers who drive their cars so they try to advise them to take a keep a pillow in their car, in the backseat and place your forearm on the pillow. Again so that again your neck is bent less and you don't put much strain on the neck while scrolling down the phone.

We have discussed the various do's and don'ts of how to take care of your neck and back, I hope the video is useful for you and you try implementing the things and I'd also request you to kindly share with all your near and dear so that they also become aware of the right ways of doing the things.

Thank you.

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