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Hallux Valgus - How Does It Affect Your Feet?

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Hallux Valgus - How Does It Affect Your Feet?

Bunions, also known as hallux valgus, are a medical condition where the big toe is deformed and points toward the second toe. While most people believe bunions to be a simple bump on the side of the feet, it really is a manifestation of a change in the anatomy. Some people may suffer from a slightly different form of the bunion, where the deformity occurs on the base of the small toe. This is called as a tailor’s bunion.

Causes for bunions-

• Bunions are hereditary and run in families
• Use of improper footwear may also lead to the condition. For instance, tight-fitting shoes or small footwear has a high chance of causing the bunions.
• People affected with arthritis also face the risk of the condition

Symptoms of bunions-

As the condition deteriorates, the following symptoms may become apparent-

• Pain in the leg affected
• A burning sensation in the affected toe
Swelling and redness
Numbness in the feet
• Difficulty walking

Treatment for Bunions-

Non-surgical treatments are effective in most cases and surgical procedure is required under rare circumstances. Additionally, patients can also utilize certain home remedies as well. Here is a look at some non-surgical remedies for bunions-

• Wearing proper fitting shoes that offer adequate leg space can often provide relief to discomfort caused by bunions
• Putting pads over the bunions to protect against the pain and preventing further deterioration
• People can also avoid putting too much strain on their feet, which in turn reduces the pain from the disorder
• Over-the-counter pain relievers and NSAIDs can help deal with the issue and keep the pain at bay
• Specialized orthotic devices can help treat and manage the bunions as well. These footwear rectifies the deformity of the bone.
• Lastly, application of ice over the bunion can also reduce the inflammation and the pain

Following the above measures can help with the symptoms of hallux valgus. In most cases, the patient suffering from this condition finds relief from the pain and discomfort. Surgical treatments are only required when all other treatments have failed to produce the desired result.

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