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Hair Transplantation

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Dr. Shilpi Bhadani 90% (99 ratings)
MBBS, MS - General Surgery, M.Ch - Plastic Surgery, Fellowship In Aesthetic Surgery, MRCS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Gurgaon  •  14 years experience
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Hello Everyone,

I am Dr. Shilpi Bhadani, a plastic surgeon, practicing in Ghorgaon.

So I’ll talk about hair transplantation. Alopecia or baldness is a very common problem nowadays and across younger age group as well as the old age group. Hair transplant offer a permanent solution. In this if basically understood it is the transplantation of hair from one part of the scalp to the other part. In severe cases we may need to use body hair from the axilla or the pubic region of the chest hair even the leg hair, but most commonly in about 99% of the cases we use scalp hair from the back of the head to the front to cover the bald areas. No basically there are two methods for hair transplant. It is either Follicular unit transplantation or Follicular unit exaction. The two methods the implantation are not different that is the putting the hair is almost the same is the method by which we exact the hair is different. So in Follicular unit transplantation or FUT method, we actually take a strip of the hair from the back and the donor area is stitched and then the team of technicians they separate the strip….. the individual follicles from the strip and then they are made ready for the transplantation. Whereas in Follicular Unit Extraction, the individual follicle, the bunch of follicles are extracted and one follicle may contain one hair up to three hair so they are individually extracted and implanted. So there is a myth that floats that FUT is not safe or it leaves a very bad scar and FUE is nonsurgical, so you have to get this very clear that both are surgical methods, FUT or FUE. Hair transplantation is a surgical methods not a nonsurgical procedure and the methods of FUT have improved overtime and we actually now do a trichophytic closure. So the hair… the new hair in the scar actually grows through the scar. So it actually obscure the scar. You can hardly make out that a strip of hair is taken from there and in FUE also. There will be punctate scars that will be left behind. So it’s just a matter of perception whether what you think is right and it actually…. the choice of the procedure depends on the donor area and the recipient area and your level of baldness whether which is used. Sometimes we also use a combination of the two increase the hair yield. Now there are many, you know clinics, which offer that, you know, ‘we offer unlimited hair transplant’ and see donor area is always limited so there cannot be an unlimited hair transplant and also that if a fair amount of density is expected by the person underdoing the hair transplant, you may will have to go undergo a second session to get a good density. So coverage and density are two different things. So initially we target coverage and if you want more density then of course you can a second procedure can be done. The hair that is transplanted grows….. starts growing in about four months’ time and the complete result can assessed after eight months to nine months’ time. And I the follow up period if PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Theory is done after the hair transplant the hair growth is really better. Some medications are continued after the hair transplant also up to to certain amount of time but it’s a procedure that requires six to eight hours if we are targeting a bigger coverage area and it’s a procedure done under local anesthesia. When choosing a hair transplant center it is important for you to research and the qualifications of the surgeon or the person doing the hair transplant is very important because a lot of unauthorized centers that have sprung nowadays and you safety is the prime concern. As I said that it is a surgical procedure so things may get complicated so you have to choose a center which is well equipped which is well equipped to deal with emergencies if at all there is a need. Usually there is no need but then you safety is the prime concern. So understand that it is a surgical procedure and it has to be done safely and it has to be result oriented.

If you want a consultation from me for hair transplant you can contact me via Lybrate. Thank you.

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