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Hair Transplant Failure

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Dr.Malay Mehta 86% (93ratings)
MBBS, MD - Dermatology
Dermatologist, Mumbai  •  10years experience
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This is me Dr. Malay Mehta and today I will be speaking about why we tend to see so many failure cases of hair transplant. Two things I want to say to you. It is very important while we decide whether the case will fail or it is going to have a successful result. One is the rate of infection from the particular clinic that somebody is going to. And the second is how delicately the graft has been handled. Suppose the operation theatre setup is been nicely fumigated the instrument that the people are using are not rusty and they take proper hygienic and aseptic precaution, there is no way one can get the infection. But if at all it's been done by a technician in low maintenance set up then it is likely possible that you might end up seeing an infection.

Off late we have been seeing so many patients with not only the failure of the hair transplant but also that they have got an infection over the local part. It is very difficult for us to treat patients with higher antibiotics so one needs to be very careful about choosing the clinic for the hair transplant. Second thing is about the handling of the graft. If at all the hair transplant is being done by a surgeon who is extensively trained for the surgery there is no way he can damage the hair follicle whether it is an FUT method or an FUE method. Delicate handling of the hair root area is very important. Suppose one takes the hair follicle. there is a dilated black colour bulb. That area has not to be touched many times in order to preserve the viability of the hair follicles. If it is done nicely and out of the body time for hair follicle is less then there are chances that you will get a very good result.

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