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I am Dr S.K.Chawla, I am plastic and cosmetic surgeon we have our South Delhi cosmetic clinic in Greater Kailash Part-2, I am also tied with Fortis Hospital. Today we will discuss something about hair transplant, hair transplant is a most common surgery in male persons nowadays and most of the man with hair fall for baldness they are coming to the clinic and most of them are demanding for either hair treatment or hair transplant. That's why we are discussing today something about hair transplant hair, in hair transplant we take hairs from the back of the head which is called a donor area and from this donor area we take hair and transferred to the bald area or wherever the person demands the transplantation of hair. This is done by two techniques, one technique is called as follicular unit extraction technique and one is called as a strip method, in the strip method we take a strip of the skin along with the hair and from that strip we take out separate hairs. This is done by our technicians and after the taking out the hairs be transplanted to the bald area. In this method we give stitch on the side from where we have taken the strip, another method is a FUE method, in this method we take hairs one by one from the back of head or from the side and in this technique we don't give any stitch, that is why it is called as stitch less method of hair transplantation. Because we don't give any stitch so it is less painful in comparison to the strip method, both of these methods are very good and both of them give very good result and we select type of technique according to the area of baldness according to the hair which is present in the donor area, according to the skin type what kind of his skin we have in the donor area. If it is very thick skin then the FUE method is very good, if the skin is lacking and the hairs are thin, then we prefer to do hair transplant by strip method because in the strip method we don't lose too much of hair during harvesting of the hairs. After the hair transplantation is done, it takes usually 4 to 5 days to recover from the operating process because after 4 to 5days, we allow you to wash your head, we allow you to wear the cap and you can shampoo your head. Also after 7 days, we give you some lotion to apply on the back of the head that can be used for 5 to 6 month and the hair starts growing after at least two to three months. These hair keep on growing continuously, they will increase in length you can get it get them trim after regular interval. So this is all about hair transplant, it is a very good procedure, it does not have any major complications.

Initially, you may have some swelling. So if you want to consult for hair transplant or hair treatment you can come to our clinic or you can come to you can contact us through the Lybrate.

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