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Hair fall

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I am Dr. Monty Talwar. I am practicing homeopathy in Gurgaon since the last 21 years. Today let us talk about hair fall. Hair fall is a very common disorder these days seen in males as well as females. It is usually due to the presence of excess of male hormones or androgens. Hair fall is also called as Alopecia. Sometimes there is thinning of the hair or sometimes maybe hair loss occurs in patches.

This is called Alopecia Areata. So the causes which usually are- due to the presence of excess male hormones, it may be due to stress, environmental factors, dust, pollution, fungal infections of the scalp like Seborrheic Dermatitis. A lot of times it may be associated with hypothyroidism too.

The line of treatment in homeopathy include giving a deep acting constitutional medicine. These medicines are given so that the further loss is stopped and at the same time it actually promotes new hair growth. The line of treatment would last for about 4 to 6 months. If you have any queries regarding hair fall or any other problems you can consultant me at my clinic in Gurgaon. You can consult online through Lybrate.

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