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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Genital Sores - 7 Common Causes Behind It!

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Dr. Prof. & Hod Ganesh ShindeGynaecologist • 42 Years Exp.MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
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You can develop genital sores irrespective of being a man or a woman. These are lesions, which develop around the genital area. Genital sores may cause pain and itchiness and may also lead to irregular or disrupted drainage. They can develop as a single sore or as multiple sores together. Genital sores are quite infectious in some cases and should be treated as soon as possible, as there is a risk of transmission to other people.

Genital sores are most commonly caused because of some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infections. They are transmitted via sexual contact and may develop on any part of the genitals. Here are some basic causes of genital sores:

  1. SyphilisThis is a serious STD, which affects several parts of the body. Usually, a small and painless sore appears, which is fat, wet or open. The sore commonly lasts for some days and disappears on its own. However, the disease continues to spread.
  2. ChancroidThis disease is caused by bacteria and can be treated. More than one soft and painful sore develops on the genitals or the anus. These bleed, get enlarged and may also develop in the groin region.
  3. Genital herpesThis disease occurs because of a virus and sores are produced on the genitals. They may go away and reoccur and this cycle continues for several months. These sores are not only caused by sexual transmission.
  4. Pelvic inflammatory disease: This condition refers to an infection on any reproductive part of a woman’s lower abdomen. It causes sores and is also referred to as pelvic infection. It commonly occurs when you have a sexually transmitted disease which has not been cured.
  5. Bartholin gland infection: There are two small pockets of skin inside the vagina known as glands, which keep the vagina wet. Germs may get inside and infect the glands.
  6. HIV infection: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a retrovirus which causes AIDSand is sexually transmitted. It is commonly caused by having unprotected sex. Genital sores may be present in a person already infected with HIV, and this makes the transmission of the virus to another person easier while having sexual intercourse. Women are more prone to HIV than men.
  7. Hepatitis BThis dangerous infection occurs due to a virus which causes damage to the liver. Sores are likely to develop in a hepatitis B affected patient. This disease is commonly transmitted due to unsafe sex.

Genital sores are most commonly caused by STDs. Hence, to avoid sores, you must keep away from getting affected by a sexually transmitted virus. For prevention, always have safe sex and abstain from having sex with a person who is infected.

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