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Last Updated: Dec 05, 2021

Five Most Common Problems That People Face In Their Sex Life!

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Dr. PahunSexologist • 12 Years Exp.BAMS
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Discrepancy in desire between partners is the most common type of issue that becomes the first reason for an unhealthy sex life. Generally with females the same could be because of four reasons as follows:

  • Fatigue or Stress
  • Physical Issue
  • A Severe Lifestyle Change
  • Financial Stress

Though as per the experts the sexual drive is a result of how attracted you find yourself towards your partner.

Here are top 5 reasons why your sex life can be disturbed:

  • Having “No time for Sex”: The biggest reason behind a hampered sex life could be having no time for sex. Generally people with busy lives claim that they love each other a lot, on the other hand they do accept they hardly get time to get intimate. Actually the reason behind the same is the lack of desire because of mental stress which they undergo for the whole day. Other than that erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse, negative body image, premature ejaculation and interpersonal conflict could be some of the other reasons which can create issues. The solution for the same is to confront the situation and discuss the problem openly with your partner.
  • Medical Illness: One of the most common problems is low desire. But there are many ways to approach the problem. This is exceptionally disappointing for the two patients and clinicians on the grounds that there is no 'little blue pill' for want. The issue of low want regularly sits comfortable crossing point between brain, body and relationship, and this isn't generally simple to hear in our convenient solution culture.  In my opinion one should definitely sit back and let the body undergo the repairing part all by itself.
  • Erectile Difficulty: The most common sexual issue that generally people face is erectile difficulty. In the event that there is no restorative premise or commitment to the erectile trouble, for the most part uneasiness is meddling with the man's ability to end up and stay excited. On the off chance that the man is in a conferred relationship, treatment for this as a rule includes having the man and his accomplice complete a graduated arrangement of touching activities, which are intended to help men physically interface with their accomplices with no strain to perform sexually.
  • Decreased sex-drive: The most serious issue which a couple can confront is either troubled with the decreased sex-drive in their sexual recurrence or the way that they have ceased all sexual movement. The arrangement isn't a one-assess fits-all model, in light of the way that there are different reasons that couples pertain from taking part in sexual relations can be erectile brokenness, severe pain in the midst of intercourse, weakness with the sexual timetable, loss of orgasm on account of sickness, pharmaceuticals or stress in the relationship. 
  • Lack of Emotional Intimacy: Sex is not at all centered to have intercourse rather; the main factor which drives sex is love and intimacy. People generally don’t know how to make love to each other. There had been many chances wherein the partners are too quick to enjoy the feeling of intercourse, and sometimes it becomes so slow that one actually gets irritated because of the same. In both the cases the solution is to get attached to the emotional sensitivity of your partner. In certain cases Dr.s do advise such couples to undergo certain sexual touch exercises which help them perform better between the sheets.
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