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Factors Accelerating and Delaying Penile Erections

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Dr. Prabhu Vyas 87% (152 ratings)
M.S. - Sexology Sexual Counselling , Ph.D. - Sexology - , PGDPC (Post Graduation Diploma In Psychological Counselling) -
Sexologist, Mumbai  •  9 years experience
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Hello friends,

I am Dr Prabhu Vyas, I am Sexologist, I have done my MS from Bangalore and PhD. MS there is a master degree in sexual problems, then a postgraduate diploma in sexual problems and a postgraduate diploma in psychological counselling and guidance. I have also done a PhD my topic was the factors accelerating depressing penile erection, successful married life, semen’s, sexology, which are the very useful topics in the successful married life.

Today's topic is erections, by a topic of research is factor accelerating it depressing penile erections and Premature ejaculations many person do not get the erection properly. What is the reason behind that anxiety, depressions, fear of failure and so many reasons are there? The lack of blood flow in the penis when they get erections we find out the different problem, we find out the different reason, why the patient is not getting the proper erection and we have the team of specialist for this, we have the team of all specialist andrologist, neurologist and endocrinologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, MD Ayurveda we have the team of this specialist. If we find any difficulty regarding this we also called the other doctors also, many persons get the premature ejaculations, what is the meaning of the premature ejaculation, pre means before the intercourse it ejaculates, semen discharge before the intercourse done. Therefore, the second time they do not get the erections properly, therefore, they do not know any knowledge about this. We give the best treatment for this, we have the team of the specialist which give the best treatment to these patients and we pull the patient out and we tell them how to live the successful married life. There are so many myths about these erections there are different myths for the masturbation. In the world, 92 % male is doing the masturbation and 60% female are also doing the masturbation. There are different myths in the Indian cultures in India, it is the taboo they cannot utter any word about the sexual problems. If they think that if semen is lost everything is lost, they have so many misconceptions about the semen, masturbation and another thing. They think that they lost their power if they lost the semen. In semen there can be a azoospermia means at all no sperm in the semen. Sometime Oligospermia, Oligospermia is the less sperm are there, jo shukrajantu rehte hain, jo purush beej rehte hain, jo sperm rehte hain, ya spermatozoa rehte hain, wo kam rehte hain uske andar, is wajah se bhi kisi kisi ko bache nahi hote, ya koi bahut sare logo ko bilkul sperm nahi rehte, shukra jantu toh bilkul nahi rehte, spermatozoa to bilkul nahi rehte, uski wajah se baal bache nahi hote. Toh woh sabhi jhanche hum kar ke phir baad mein, toh patient ko right guidance karte hain hamare paas alag alag doctors hai yeh cheezon ke liye. Aur dono milke kis tarah se sukhi vivahit jivan jiye iske baare mein hum acche tarah se guidance dete hain aur kitne bhi complicated problem raha toh bhi hum puri team usko solve karte hain aur uske andar research karke, har patient ka alag alag criteria rehta hai, har patient alag alag rehta hai, har kisi ko ek hi iske andar nahi anka ja sakta, ek hi line mein nahi unko chalaya ja sakta, har case different rehti hai. Har kisiko erection ko problem rehta hai, toh kisi ko depression ho jata hai uska problem rehta hai, ya kisi ko premature ejaculation ho jata hai yani early discharge, jisko shighrapatan kaha jata hai. There are unconservation of marriage uske ander vivah ki apurtata, unconservation of marriage yani vivah ki apurtata, hamare pass koi koi patient aate hai 10 saal ho gaye shaddi ko, 15 saal ho gaye, 20 saal ho gaye, alag alag doctor ke paas jate hai woh aur file ki file rehti hai unke pass mein. Sabhi report normal, sabhi doctor ke paas visit pe ja ke, sabhi itne bade bade doctor ko bataya aur bacche nahi hue, report sabhi normal matlab reason kya tha, proper yeh tha ki they were unable to do the intercourse properly, woh sambandh nahi kar paate thye report bhale hi unke normal rahe, they were unable to do the intercourse properly woh sambandh nahi bana paate thye, toh bache hone ka sawal kaha aata hai. Isliye pehla question yeh puchna chahiye ki sambandh barabar hote hain ya nahi hote. Wahan se agar shuruvat ki toh bahut si problem solve ho sakti hai.

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