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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Facelift: Why Should You Get It?

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Dr. Vikas PanthriTrichologist • 17 Years Exp.MBBS, PGDA
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Facelift is a process of cosmetic surgery used for treating various skin problems as well as obtaining a youthful and radiant looking facial skin. Facelift helps to eliminate the excess facial skin and thus tightens your face. The surgery usually lasts for two hours, but in some cases, can continue up to five hours also.

Some of the procedures are as follows:

  1. The Deep Plane Facelift: This type treats the facial tissues and muscles. It helps in bringing back the elasticity of your nose, chin, jaw and mouth region. This face lifting process is very effective for treating skin aging. The deep plane facelift can last up to ten to fifteen years.
  2. Thread lift: This is used for treating the area around the eyes, forehead, nose and mouth region. Sometimes, local anesthesia is used for thread lifting. In this treatment, the layers of the skin are treated for tightening your facial skin.
  3. Facelift by using endoscopic surgery: If you face the problem of sagging cheeks, then this treatment may prove to be very effective for you. However, remember that this procedure is not a non-invasive one.
  4. Mid-face lift: Mid face lift is used for treating the areas around your cheeks. This procedure can make you look younger as the skin around your cheek bones is lifted.
  5. Liposuction: Liposuction is used for removing the excess fat from your facial region.

Benefits of face-lifting:

  1. Tightens your skin and makes you look younger
  2. Wrinkles can also be removed
  3. Helps you to prevent your skin from aging faster
  4. Your facial contours can also be improved by face-lifting
  5. It can treat skin sagging
  6. It can improve your jawline as well

Face lift is an effective treatment for improving your skin tone, texture and restoring its natural elasticity.


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