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Faced A Tragedy - 7 Effective Ways You Can Deal With It!

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Faced A Tragedy - 7 Effective Ways You Can Deal With It!

While the world has always been faced with large-scale tragedies, we have to admit that we now live in a space where these are thrown at us (mostly in the face) without too much control about it. These could terrorist attacks, the stampede at religious places, floods, earthquakes, derailed trains, retained hostages, landslides, etc. The list is growing too long and is only set to increase. Whether we like it or not, each of these events is covered in minute detail and flashed as news and there is no escaping the gory, minute details. The media has to thrive with these “news.”

It is definitely very disturbing to watch these events and brings about a doubt in ourselves where we begin to question our safety too. The person who took the train or went to the office before being derailed or affected by the earthquake also had followed his routine. So what can happen to one person can happen to us too! This fear can be quite strong but can be dealt with by following some simple effective measures.

  1. Calibrate the event: While these usually are hot topics and are something that you should definitely be aware of, decide how much is watchable, especially if you have kids around you. With media trying to increase TRPs and sensationalise every piece of news, it is best to not stick to one channel and look at various channels to get a realistic picture
  2. Reassure vulnerable people in the surrounding: Whether it is young children or adolescents, explain to them in brief about the incident and let them have their doubts clarified to the required extent.
  3. Honour the affected: Whether it is military people or not, pay respect in your own ways – a silent prayer would also do. This is very effective in coming to terms with the tragedy and being grounded. It somehow gives the feeling that nothing is completely under our control.
  4. Help when possible: With natural calamities, there are numerous relief camps that are run. Help in your own possible ways and you will see how good it makes you feel that you could be of some small help.
  5. Move on: Understand that what happened was beyond your control and there was nothing you could do about it. Get on with your regular activities with even more vigour, and you will see the effect reducing.
  6. Work on remedies: Try exercise, laughter therapy, counselling, music, meditation, or even medication – whatever works for you and ease the pain of it – both physical and mental.
  7. Lifestyle: Maintain a healthy lifestyle including eating well, regular exercise, active social life, limiting smoking and alcohol abuse.

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