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Erectile Dysfunction & Diabetes - 6 Tips That Can Help You!

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Erectile Dysfunction & Diabetes - 6 Tips That Can Help You!

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder where the person affected is unable to maintain or achieve an erection during sexual intercourse. As diabetes is a disorder that affects blood supply to organs, so the ability to achieve or maintain erections are impaired as erections are dependent on proper blood supply to the penis. Fortunately, there are treatments for these symptoms and they are-

1. Injection therapy and oral medications:
Some medications are directly injected to the penis in order to facilitate erection while there are certain oral drugs are administered to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction which have a higher success rate in treating people who are diabetic than those who are not.

2. Regular exercise and a healthy diet:
Exercising on a regular basis combined with a healthy diet can reduce the symptoms of both diabetes as well as erectile dysfunction.

3. Reviewing medications:
Some medications used to treat blood pressure and depression can often cause erectile dysfunction. So, the medications should be reviewed by a doctor and if necessary and should be changed.

4. Usage of vacuum constriction devices:
These devices are used to create a pump in the penis which facilitate the ability to maintain an erection and engage in sexual intercourse. It is reported to work in 80% of the cases.

5. Penile implants:
It is a surgical procedure where a penis implant is used to treat this disorder.

6. Intraurethral therapy:
In this treatment the medicine is placed in the urethra of the penis in the form of suppository a by an applicator. These medicines improve blood flow and thus facilitate a normal erection. 

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